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Coding skills, once a highly specialized and rare talent, are becoming more and more necessary and commonplace in a variety of professional roles. While nothing will prepare you quite like a multi-year computer science degree, there are a number of options when it comes to developing a deeper knowledge of different coding languages, platforms, or development skills.

Finding the right program for you can be challenging, so we’ve put together a list of some of Atlanta’s offerings when it comes to coding academies and bootcamps. Where available, we’ve included cost, program length and any other unique details about each program.

Big Nerd Ranch

Big Nerd Ranch is an app-focused, intensive bootcamp for experienced programmers. BNR runs five day courses for different aspects of iOS, Android and Front End development and takes the concept of “immersive” learning to the next level—courses take place at a conference center in Stone Mountain and attendees stay overnight at the resort. Think of it as summer camp for app developers. Room, board and meals are included in the cost, and attendees can expect days to start at breakfast and end at 10pm with fast-paced learning throughout the day.

  • Location: Atlanta Evergreen Marriott Conference Resort, 4021 Lakeview Drive, Stone Mountain, Georgia 30083
  • Cost: $4,200-$5,200
  • Program Length: 5 days
  • Best For: Experienced programmers looking to accelerate their skills and career in app development.

Creative Circus

Creative Circus offers a curriculum aimed at professionals in creative industries. In addition to courses in design, imaging and copywriting, Creative Circus has an Interactive Development track that focuses on web development skills. Developers will take classes on topics from UX, interactive design, AJAX, animation, NodeJS and more.

Think of Creative Circus as a masters-type program—it’s full-time for two years, far more rigorous than most coding schools or bootcamps. Creative Circus is an accredited institution with the Council of Occupational Education, which means students are eligible for federal financial aid, Pell grants etc.

  • Location: 812 Lambert Drive, Atlanta, GA 30324
  • Cost: $45,012 for full two year program
  • Program Length: Two years, 8 total quarters
  • Best For: Developers looking to significantly accelerate their careers and develop a deep portfolio of work to show future employers.


Based out of Atlanta Tech Village in Buckhead, DigitalCrafts is a full-stack coding bootcamp that offers a full-time and part-time course option. Students will learn JavaScript and Python, as well as other skills through rotating elective courses. While the full-time option has day-long schedules, the part-time offering is designed with working professionals in mind and has flexible options so you can learn without quitting your day job.

  • Location: Atlanta Tech Village, 3423 Piedmont Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30305.
  • Cost:
    • Full-Time: $13,950
    • Part-Time: $9,500
  • Program Length:
    • Full-Time: 16 weeks
    • Part-Time: 24 weeks
  • Best For: Beginners looking to become experienced in full-stack development.

General Assembly

General Assembly is one of the more established coding schools, with locations across the United States. GA offers full and part-time courses on topics such as web development, data science, UX, data analytics and product management.  

  • Location: Ponce City Market, 675 Ponce De Leon Avenue NE, 2nd Floor, Atlanta, GA 30308
  • Cost: $13,950-$15,950 for 12 week full-time, $2,800-$3,950 for 8 week part-time
  • Program Length: 8 weeks for part-time programs, 12 weeks for full-time programs
  • Best For: Those looking for approachable and regularly available courses in coding and web design as well as business and marketing.

Girl Develop It

Girl Develop It is a national non-profit that operates an Atlanta chapter. The focus is to provide low-cost and accessible coding classes to women in a judgement-free environment. The group offers single day classes and multi-session classes on a variety of app and web development topics including HTML/CSS, SQL, UX, WordPress and Salesforce.

  • Location: Varies by class. See Meetup page for more information on upcoming classes.
  • Cost: $65-$100
  • Program Length: Classes vary from single, 6-hour sessions to four, 2-hour classes over the course of a month.
  • Best For: Beginner to intermediate women developers looking to learn skills in app and web development for an affordable cost and reasonable time commitment.

Tech Talent South

  • Location: Strongbox West, 1040 West Marietta St NW, Atlanta, GA 30318
  • Cost: Cost vary by course and length. See full course list here and a sample of offerings below
    • DevOps and Continuous Integration: $13,500 for 12 week immersive course
    • Code Immersion: $4,750 for 8 week part-time, $6,750 for 8 week full-time
    • JavaScript App Development: $4,250 for 10 week part-time
    • UX Design: $2,200 for 4 week part-time
  • Program Length: anywhere from 2 days to 12 weeks
  • Best For: Beginner and intermediate developers looking for a wide range of topic offerings, affordability and schedules.


Thinkful offers courses in data science, full stack development and frontend development in a few different enrollment formats. There are full-time and flexible course offerings that are aimed at beginner to intermediate developers looking to accelerate their careers.

  • Location: 859 Spring St NW, Atlanta, GA 30308
  • Cost:
    • Engineering Immersion: $14,000 for 5 months full-time (50-60 hours a week). This option also offers an Income Sharing Agreement, where you do not pay for the course until you find employment, then pay 15% of your income for three years, up to $28,000.
    • Full Stack Flex: $8,550 for 6 months at 20-30 hours a week
    • Data Science: $7,990 for 6 months at 20-30 hours a week
    • Frontend Web Development: $500 per month, most students finish in 3 months at 10-15 hours a week
  • Program Length: 3-6 months with varying degrees of weekly commitment
  • Best For: Beginner developers or intermediate data scientists who want 1-on-1 mentorship and instruction as part of their learning experience.