For Magic Leap, the real excitement is when they are able to showcase their work to the creatives and designers who will use their hardware.

At least, that seemed to be the biggest takeaway from its panel at SCAD ForwardFest on Thursday.

Magic Leap Interaction Directors Aleissia Laidacker and Brian Schwab know the relationship between the digital and physical is changing quickly, with innovations like spatial computing. And that technology poses challenges and opportunities for programmers, designers and artists alike.

While it’s fun to see an actor like George Clooney on the silver screen, spacial computing poses the potential to bring characters, actors and others into our homes.

“Now, we’re talking about how George Clooney can follow me into the bathroom,” he said.

From head poses to breathing to heartbeat, developers at Magic Leap are collecting more data than they ever imagined to use in the design process. Details ranging from flickering lights to pets running though the house are being considered when developing character reactions and game sequences.

But all these nuances are helping developers at Magic Leap create the best programming so creatives don’t have to. Magic Leap plans to push out its research, best practices and tools for spacial computing to designers and programmers soon, Schwab and Laidacker said, to produce more organic content.

“We want to be working with the indie game developers, the hackers, the Burning Man people…We want to be working with a lot of those creatives and the amazing ideas of what they can do on the art side,” Laidacker said.

On Friday, the creator behind Project Ghost Studios, Gaspar Ferreiro, revealed a new demo blending the worlds of AR and VR together.

Just a few days ago, HTC Vive unveiled software to game developers allowing them to create AR games and experiences with the HTC Vive Pro VR headset. Ferreiro developed a demo of his game, Project GHOST, using the software and managed to debut the capabilities at ForwardFest.

ForwardFest is still going on tonight and tomorrow. Here’s link to the schedule for all you VR, AR and game lovers out there.