Bob Metcalfe: The founder of the Ethernet has racked up over 19,000 followers and is as active a guy as you can get. Bonus: you won’t even need to turn on the UT game to figure out how it’s going.


Josh Baer: This dude is super active. He’s connected to pretty much everyone in Austin and you’ll get to know the Austin startup space in just a few minutes by going through some of his past tweets.


Heather J Brunner: She’s the CEO of WP Engine, a startup mentor and investor, and regularly posts interesting articles from the tech world and beyond.


Sam Decker: The former CEO/founder of Mass Relevance regularly posts articles that are equally insightful and useful to startup founders.


Julie Huls: Julie is a the president and CEO of the Austin Technology Council and regularly tweets out Austin tech events and news stories (hi Julie!)


Eugene Sepulveda: The CEO of the Entrepreneurs Foundation and a director of the Capital Factory, Sepulveda is involved with the Austin Chamber of Commerce and regularly posts about startup culture.


Hugh Forrest: The director of SXSW knows a thing or two about what’s going on in Austin. Follow him to get up-to-the-minute statuses of tech’s biggest party and Austin news.


Steve Guengerich: This guy’s done it all. From writing books to being on boards, he’s a dyed in the cloth Austin startup guy. Check out his twitter to get pointers, news and info on ATX events.


Holly Gibson: Following Holly will get you a helping of information on Women Who Code meetups with a side of professional advice for women.


Noah Kagan: He was #30 at Facebook and #4 at Mint, and while he’s not talking about tacos, he’s talking about growth-hacking.