The old adage is that getting hired is all about who you know. But we all know that friendly introductions only go so far.

At some point, the intangible people skills that might get you in the door take a backseat to the tech skills necessary to get the job done. And in the Austin technology sector, that means learning a variety of programming languages and development techniques.

Indeed, the Austin-based job searching marketplace, recently analyzed tech job postings in Austin and across the nation to reveal the skills that they’re seeing requested the most. Some probably won’t surprise you if you’ve cracked a few lines of code anytime in the last few years.

Here are the tech skills listed with the most job postings in Austin, according to Indeed:

  • Agile
  • Java
  • Javascript
  • Python
  •  .NET
  • AWS
  •  git
  • C or C++
  • Angular_JS
  • Ruby 

But, those aren’t necessarily the most sought-after skills in other markets — or the skills that may best prepare you for the future.

Indeed also listed the tech skills with the most year-over-year growth in terms of the number of employers searching for candidates listing those capabilities. Here’s a look:

Searches nationwide for candidates with experience with React (front-end development) grew 313 percent in job search activity. Amazon Web Services grew 98 percent; Azure climbed 51 percent; and Angular increased 50 percent. Other growing skills included, Mandarin (the language), Tableau, Laravel, Golang, Spark, Offensive Security Certification, Unity, Django, Linux and Python.