Las Vegas becomes the center of the tech universe for a week each year during the Consumer Electronics Show, which is perhaps better known simply as CES. This year’s show kicks off Tuesday, Jan. 9, and runs through Friday, Jan. 12.

The trade show often makes national headlines when big name companies show off their latest flatscreen TV models and automakers roll out flashy new tech features. But the real magic is in discovering new products and innovations from hundreds of startups that aren’t household names.

With that in mind, we’ve dug through all the Texas exhibitors to spot the Austin companies showing off products at the show this year. Here they are:

Novacentrix, which makes conductive inks and photonic curing systems, is the only company listed as a “Featured Exhibitor” from Austin.

Other exhibitors include:

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), the chipmaker with major operations in Austin, has reserved several areas at the conference .

AEV Technologies, which makes a two-passenger electric vehicle, will show off three of its vehicles.

Ambiq Micro, a low-power chip maker, will show off its ultra-low power voice control solutions this year.

Audioengine, which makes high end speakers, will be at this year’s show.

Circuit Scribe will be demonstrating its conductive ink pen.

Coherent Logix, a cybersecurity and virtualization company, will show off its HyperX processors.

Dell Technologies will demonstrate new products in several areas. It recently released its XPS 13 notebook.

ESiMi will bring its bike light, which uses road vibrations for power.

Hauoli will demonstrate its motion-tracking tech for VR and AR applications and smart appliances.

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Kilroy Blockchain will show off its Riley product for the visually-impaired that uses a smartphone to let you tap into IBM Watson AI and get information about your surroundings.

Knocki will show off its WiFi-enabled sensor that turns any surface into a remote control for smart home devices.

Silicon Labs, which recently launched a high-speed transceiver, has three spots reserved at CES this year.

UnaliWear will demonstrate its smart watch that detects falls, wandering and provides medication reminders.

Vidbox will show off its video game gameplay capturing device.

WorldFirst will demonstrate its international currency transfers.