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Lyft, the San Francisco-based ride-hailing company, ran the numbers on the millions of rides they provided in 2015. And, here in Austin, the stats show just how much Austinites love to party and how popular the ride service is among people headed to the city’s many festivals.

Lyft is giving “Lyftie” awards to six Austin companies based on the data.

Here’s a look at the winners:

Most Visited Restaurant: Stubb’s

While we don’t deny that Stubb’s makes some mean barbecue, it seems pretty clear that Austin’s restaurant winner got a Texas-sized boost from its killer lineup of concerts throughout the year. Stubb’s, located at 8th and Red River, first opened in Lubbock in 1968 and attracted some of the biggest names in Texas music, such as Willie Nelson and Stevie Ray Vaughn.

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Most Visited Bar: The Dogwood

This West 6th Street bar has everything Austin loves — a lot of beer, tasty food and an awesome patio that often features live music. It’s also next door to several other great bars, restaurants and nightclubs, making it a handy drop off spot whether you’re making one stop or headed out on a crawl. Austin Inno had a food and beverage innovations panel at the venue in October, which, based on the number of beers drank, might have added to Lyft’s numbers for 2015.

The crowd migles at Austin Inno’s food and beverage innovations event.


Most Visited Outdoor Destination: Zilker Park

No surprise here. With long string of festivals, including Austin City Limits Music Festival and Blues on the Green, Zilker Park is the top outdoor destination for Lyft riders in Austin. ACL alone probably could have secured the award. But there are events at Zilker several times each month.

The Kite Festival at Zilker Park. (Photo via Flickr by sonicpenguin)


Most Visited Events Space: Barbarella

This one caught us off guard. Don’t get us wrong, Barbarella is an awesome club with a consistent lineup of great DJs, dancing and good times. But, considering its relatively small size compared to other big events spaces (the Convention Center, Austin Music Hall and Emo’s to name a few), the venue sure generated a lot of Lyft rides. We’re guess that it’s location on Red River near 6th Street may have also made it a convenient drop off spot that’s close to dozens of other great nightlife venues.

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Most Visited Transit Stop: Downtown Station

There were probably only really two contenders for this — the Downtown Station near the Austin Convention Center and the downtown bus stops along Guadalupe and Lavaca streets. And the Downtown Station is close to several major hotels.


Only in Austin: Rainey Street

Lyft dished out awards for some of the most intriguing drop-off locations in each city. In Austin, Rainey Street took the prize for its unique lineup of bungalow-based bars and little village of food trucks.

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Here’s a look at the national winners:

Most Visited Restaurant: Tacolicious, San Francisco

Most Visited Bar: The Abbey, Los Angeles

Most Visited Coffeehouse: Starbucks

Most Visited Business School: Harvard Business School, Boston

Trending Category: Transit stops made up the top category of 2015.

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