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Monday, June 10, 2019

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First Up

Brent: Good afternoon.

It’s a calm Monday after those Sunday storms. So let me take a quick second to point your attention to our new startup directory, which we call the Inno Pages. It’s a great spot to scout the local startup scene because we have a strong dataset of Austin companies, along with a few key metrics and links to our coverage (plus a map of where these companies are at). I promise you’ll learn about new companies … and that often means new opportunities. So, dig in.

Now, let’s kick a Beat…

The Big One

A breakdown on the day’s biggest Inno story.

Understanding Hydration

If you’ve ever been truly dehydrated, you know how long it can take you away from any real activity and how long it takes to get back to 100%. The trick is, some of us, especially in the Texas heat, don’t always realize when we’re entering the danger zone.

You know how you feel. But if you’re going to keep going, you might want a little more detailed information about your hydration levels. That’s where a new Austin-based startup hopes to step in. MX3 Diagnostics, which emerged from stealth today, uses a small device to test a person’s saliva to measure their hydration status in real-time.

To an outsider, like me, it seems a bit like a breathalyzer — only it’s using just a bit of saliva instead of a breath of air.

The startup, led by co-founder and CEO Michael Luther, has set out by targeting athletes but it has use cases in health care, consumer wellness and military markets. As you can imagine, hydration can be a factor in just about anything.

MX3 doesn’t appear to have reported raising any funding — although Crunchbase reported it is raising a seed round.

The company, which is based in Austin and has offices in Minneapolis and Melbourne, Australia, found an early partner in 2018 in the Swedish World Cup soccer team, as well as a few NCAA teams. It is also in trials with the U.S. military and a few hospitals abroad.

Making Moves

Inside the people, companies and organizations making moves today.

Austin’s New Eco-Devo Leader

The City of Austin has named Veronica Briseño as its new director of economic development. She has been with the city since 1999, and she is currently the interim homeless strategy officer, the ABJ reported. The position can be key in the tech world since many larger companies, such as Apple and Amazon, often look to the city’s economic development office when relocating a headquarters or opening a large satellite office.

In The Know

The stories you need to read.

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– Texas’ most dynamic economy isn’t in Dallas, Houston or even Austin (Dallas Morning News)
– Sports Illustrated punts around possibility of Austin scoring an NFL team (CultureMap Austin)

In The Community

The events to know about tonight and beyond.

Coming Up

Find more fun for your calendar by browsing our events pages.

Keeping Austin Weird & Wired

The fun stuff.

Whoa!!! Double Rainbow Sunset Storm

I felt like I was in a sci-fi movie driving through Austin yesterday evening. To the northwest, an epic sunset bent light into an infinity of unnamable colors. To the south, lightning spider-webbing across the sky — some of the coolest lightning I’ve seen (and I’ve chased many a storm in my earlier reporting days). And, to the east a dull rainbow cast against a stormy sky.

Apparently, I wasn’t alone in my skyward fascination. The Austin Reddit feed is full of lightning/sunset bliss. Here’s one of my favorites.

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Beat Gotta Eat

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