When you have thousands of people on your team, you want a nice break room.

Such is the case for Favor. The deliver-almost-anything on-demand startup has thousands of runners in the Austin market — they’re not technically employees, but they’re the horsepower delivering on the startup’s tech platform.

As Uber and Lyft have done for drivers on their platforms, Favor has created a clubhouse for its runners to hang out, learn how to increase their income and simply refuel and refresh.

“We are a people business, built around our Runners,” said Favor CEO Jag Bath. “It was essential that we create a space that fosters a sense of community, while also providing anything a Runner needs to be successful, whether that’s attending an orientation, getting help with the app in-person, picking up a new tux tee, or simply stopping by to relax and charge their phone.”

Favor plans to open similar clubhouses in Houston and Dallas next year.

Here’s a look inside the Austin clubhouse, which is at 1718 Lavaca, between downtown and the University of Texas campus, in a space that used to house SegCity, a Segway touring company.

Favor has had a wild few years. After expanding nationally, the startup retracted to focus exclusively on Texas markets. Since then, it has expanded delivery zones in Austin and other metro areas while also attracting a $22 million round of new funding. Perhaps most importantly for the business, it announced it has reached profitability, which few if any similar, B2C on-demand delivery companies have achieved.

The company is on-boarding 25,000 runners this year. And the new clubhouse will host 50 new orientations per week — so basically all day, every day. It also has space for meetups and other company events.