Opcity hit the Austin tech startup scene with a boom. They came out of stealth with a $27 million Series A and plans to disrupt one of the most lucrative markets of all — real estate.

The company, which has grown from about 100 employees to 225 since May, has moved out of its fourth headquarters and into its fifth. But this time, it’s not just a quick stop along the runway. Opcity, led by former Yodel Co-Founder Ben Rubenstein, has found its perfect fit with an expansive former Lockheed & Martin building in southeast Austin. While the past four HQs were known to be temporary, Opcity plans to scale its business out its new HQ for years to come.

The building is west of the airport on Burleson Road near the MetCenter and Central Texas Food Bank (map). They picked the location based on data that covers where employees live and travel time.

I asked the founders why not just pick a spot along MoPac, which is central to so many people.

“Our employees aren’t birds,” Co-Founder Ben Rubenstein said. So, for many, the commute may be a simple one from north-central Austin on Airport Boulevard or a skip and a hop from south Austin.

“As far as tech companies go, we’re pioneering the location,” Co-Founder Michael Lam said, noting that downtown has major parking and traffic issues for many employees. Plus, they wanted a one-level space where they could fit all their employees and have space for growth — a tough find in downtown high-rises.

“It’s all designed around our culture and collaboration,” he said.

The startup offers employees adjustable desks, training and free lunch. They’re building a deck for barbecues and other events. And they’re about to move from a temporary gym to a new, larger gym for employees to workout in on their downtime or after work.

The 50,000-square-foot space includes multiple kitchens, locker rooms for men and women and putt-putt area. Opcity has space to accommodate the hiring of 225 more employees within the next year. They also have an option on another 50,000 square feet in the building.

Here’s a look at the space.

Opcity has built a platform to manage real estate referrals. It generates leads and uses machine learning to match buyers with agents. Opcity takes its cut of real estate deals only when they close. And that’s their biggest pitch: They help deals close faster. And, in today’s market, especially in hot spots like Austin, time is money.

Their platform has 13,000 agents across 1,500 brokerages.

“We are in over 30 states now and plan to be in all 50 states by early next year,” Rubenstein told me.

The company is hunting for engineers, software developers, product managers, accountants and CRS certified real estate professionals who help clients through the purchasing process.

“It’s a great place for someone to start their career and learn a lot,” Rubenstein said. “And for people to take their [long-term] career to the next level.”