Let’s face it: seafood can be expensive. From rich lobster pastas to delicate tuna tartare, your tastebuds always enjoy when you indulge, but your wallet doesn’t. But that doesn’t mean you need to eat only things that come from the land! Boston’s restaurants run a plethora of great deals on oysters that are so cheap, your wallet won’t even know you dined out. From Cambridge to Dorchester, here is a whopping list of 30 places in the Boston area to find $1 oysters. There are so many deals, in fact, that you could travel around the Hub eating $1 oysters every day of the week, if your heart desired. And hey, why not? After all, the world is your oyster.

If you prefer to eat your mollusks in the comfort of your own home, Island Creek Oysters has you covered. Located in Duxbury, Mass., the farm will ship you fresh, unshucked oysters straight to your door. The online shop offers everything from 100-count bags of oysters for large parties to the three-dozen “Damn Yankee” sample to paraphernalia such as shucking knives, hot sauce, t-shirts, hats, books and more. Can’t get enough Island Creek Oysters? Head to their restaurant located at 500 Commonwealth Ave., Boston.

For amateurs, it’s important to know how to eat an oyster so that you don’t look like a fool. The Phoenix published a great guide called “You’re doing it wrong: Oysters edition” in which Island Creek Oysters president Shore “Bug” Gregory provides some handy information on how to shuck oysters, what types of garnishes to use when eating them raw, and what to do with those oysters shells once they’re empty. Oh, and did you know that you’re not supposed to slurp oysters? Yep, according to Gregory, you’re supposed to chew each oyster three times in order to experience the true flavor profiles of the mollusk. The more you know!

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