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As the first city in the nation to establish green building standards, Boston is a leader in sustainable construction. Long before it was fashionable, Former Mayor Thomas M. Menino called for a more eco-friendly city, and ever since, Boston has been a hub for environmental design. From corporate skyscrapers to small-scale public housing, Boston’s cityscape is becoming greener by the minute. In the past decade, a staggering list of local buildings have earned the LEED certification from the U.S. Green Building Council, many even scoring Platinum certification, the highest level possible.

But the eco-friendly building movement is only beginning. Allston’s Green District, the “Energy Positive” Program, and the Deep Energy Retrofit of Castle Square are only three examples of the vast urban renewal transforming our city. Soon environmental design will extend beyond the realm of corporate offices and luxury lofts and be a staple element of affordable housing.

As we enter a new era of eco-friendly design, there is no doubt Boston will pioneer the future of the industry. If you’re just tuning into the green movement, experience these ten marvels of sustainable design and construction proving Boston is the best in the biz.