The point of MITX’s FutureM conference next week is to talk about the future of marketing. But what about it? And who’s really qualified to prognosticate on the topic? Yes, the technology behind marketing is changing, but so are the people. The rise of digital natives is every bit as important to the future of the discipline, as is the exploding role of software.

And that’s why FutureM has asked 10 standout 20-somethings to take the stage next week and present about the future of marketing. They understand not only the technologies at the forefront of the industry, but also the generation leading their adoption.

The idea for the presentations, dubbed 20/20, came from the belief that one of Boston’s greatest strengths is its student community, said MITX President Debi Kleiman.

“The identity of the conference is what’s new and what’s next,” Kleiman told me recently, noting that students had helped plan events in previous years. This year, the committee decided the combination of fresh eyes and fresh faces deserved a more central role.

“They’re seeing technologies that obviously didn’t exist when we were 20-somethings and 30-somethings,” she said. “To them, it presents perhaps a different set of possibilities than to someone like me.”

You can see from the descriptions below that the 10 20/20 presentations selected from over 50 entrants run the gamut from tech to pop culture to social. For my part, I’m most excited by the presentation on Google’s Project Glass. But no matter your interests, there will be something new for you at FutureM, thanks to 20/20. Not just in terms of technology, but people too.

 FutureM 20/20 Presentations

·         A forecast of the future impact of Google’s Project Glass, as compared to the past rise of smart phones, from Tyler Conklin, co-founder of Facelift Media Group and graduate of SUNY Oswego

·         A deep dive into why @LadyGaga as the best example of brands of the future, by Katie Martell, the Director of Buzz at Netprospex and graduate of Emerson College

·         An exploration of the future of digital in the physical world, from Malia Estes, a Digital Media Planner atMullen and a graduate of Boston University

·         An assessment of the future of content curation in an information-rich world, from the founder of Curataand graduate of MIT, Pawan Deshpande

·         A prediction of millennial’s impact on organizations as leaders and on marketers as the core consumer demographic from Providence College grad, Julia Pandolfo, currently an Associate Community Manager atCommunispace

·         A clear description of neuromarketing and its impact on the future by the only 20-something CEO studying the discipline, Jake Stauch, Founder of NeuroSpire

·         A study of a millennial’s views and engagement with 21st Century brands, from Jason Potteiger, founder of Mercury Point Research and graduate of Suffolk University

·         A talk about the future integration of offline communities, like universities, with online communities from Chief Imagination Officer at influencers@, Spencer Bramson

·         The sharing of the secret of tomorrow: smarter and scalable 1-to-1 marketing, achievable through social CRM by the Director of Product Marketing at TruLens and the founder of MakePovertyHistoryEmirates, Anish Kattukaran

·         A presentation on the future of Marketing in industries not driven by consumers, like biotech and social services, from Williams College grad and Senior Associate of Strategic Marketing at Foundation Medicine, Jacquelyn Miller