As we know, the city of Boston is overflowing with great talent in the kitchen. Today, we’re bringing you 10 rising Boston chefs you need to know about. From American to Italian, Chinese to Mexican, these chefs prepare delicious food in your kitchen. Check out the 10 hottest chefs in Boston.
Cuisine: Traditional and Modern Asian
3 Favorite Ingredients: Garlic, Soy, and Bones
Cuisine: American
3 Favorite Ingredients: Olive Oil, Fresh Herbs, and Blood Oranges 
Cuisine: American
3 Favorite Ingredients: Octopus, Moustarda Fruit, and Foie Gras 
Tuna Tartare from Chef Stephen Coe
Cuisine: Italian
3 Favorite Ingredients: Squid Ink, Eggs, and Field Greens
Cuisine: Indonesian
3 Favorite Ingredients: Kaffir Lime Leaf, Turmeric Root , and Chiles
Tempe Orek from Chef Retno Pratiwi
Cuisine: Chinese, Dumplings
3 Favorite Ingredients: Ginger, Sesame Oil, and Spicy Bean Paste
Cuisine: American, French
3 Favorite Ingredients: Striped Bass, Brussels Sprouts, and Bacon
Cuisine: Japanese, Asian
3 Favorite Ingredients: Shellfish, Brussel Sprouts, and Beef
Cuisine: Mexican
3 Favorite Ingredients: Olive Oil, Garlic, and Chili Peppers 
Carnitas Tacos from Chef Jen Rogers
Cuisine: Korean
3 Favorite Ingredients: Kimchi (of course), Gochujang , and Garlic 
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