Reality TV isn’t all about catty housewives arguing, drunk 20-somethings fist pumping in Jersey, or D-list celebrities trying to battle their cocaine addictions. The kitchen reality shows are a perfect example of another breed of television that avoids drama induced by drugs, and instead, attempts to show the grit it takes for chefs to do their job.

Put into the gauntlet, chefs on shows like Hell’s Kitchen, Top Chef and Cupcake Wars are forced to test their skills with cameras watching them from all angles, pesky hosts chatting in their ears and buzzers going off at unfortunate times. While Boston may have a little brother complex compared to Manhattan’s bustling restaurant industry, the scene here in the hub is actually insane, and many big name chefs having proved their chops on national television.

Below you’ll find 12 incredibly talented local chefs who have competed in reality TV shows, and taken their skills back to the hub so that we can enjoy their cuisine without the glare of the cameras. See, celebrities do exist in Boston!