Over the course of the year, Greater Boston’s students have stepped up their startup game. Between Summer@HIGHLAND, Startup Summer and the Boston Startup School, students have been itching to get involved, interning from coast to coast to make a name for themselves in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Although we’ve already given you a list of nine student entrepreneurs who are paving the way, the list keeps on growing, and so we decided to provide you with 13 more. Start following them now, and soon you can say, “I knew them when.”

Kenneth Cohen@kennethacohen — While a student at Tufts University, Cohen helped found the newest social group networking site Navlit. He’s also currently serving as a summer analyst at Three Ocean Partners LLC, so we’ll forgive him for not recently updating his blog, which is a good entrepreneurial read.

Chris Wolfel@CJWolfel13 — A senior at Northeastern, Wolfel is the current CEO of IDEA, the university’s student-run venture accelerator. Within two semesters, Wolfel has seen 45 new ventures join IDEA, and has helped raise the program’s gap funding to $210,000 for the next calendar year.

John Capecelatro@jcap49 — With a focus on letting people know why Boston is awesome, Babson student Capecelatro is an associate at TechStars who’s been working alongside the likes of Katie Rae, Reed Sturtevant, Mark Chang, Aaron O’Hearn and Shaun Johnson to spread the Boston Startup School message. He also helped found Startup Babson, all while bringing the Splash program to Babson with the help of Boston-based startup Learning Unlimited.

CJ Reim@CJ_Reim — A Boston College junior, Reim is the current chair of the Boston College Venture Competition. Over the summer, Reim is also working in Menlo Park, California, as an analyst for Morgan Stanley’s Technology Investment Banking Division.

Turner Bohlen@TurnerBohlen — As a student at MIT, Bohlen has become heavily involved in the Institute’s incubator program StartLabs, designed to bring students through entrepreneurship from start to finish. He’s also now building iPhone apps for a small startup in San Francisco, called LiveLoop.

John Brennan@brennanjp — Brennan is a Tufts student working alongside Cohen as co-founder of Navlit. He’s also becoming quite the blogger, and is working this summer as a financial management program intern at General Electric.

Jake Bailey@itsjakebailey — While at Emerson College, Bailey’s been working to launch his startup, called Rite Brothers Clothing. The streetwear brand was inspired by the Wright Brothers and their drive to create man-made flight without the money, college education or press of their competition.

Erik Bogaard@erikbogaard — Bogaard is a Boston University student and founder of myBookCrate, a marketplace that allows students to buy and sell their textbooks. Bogaard launched in beta mode at Boston University and was able to attract 1,000 members within the first two months of launch.

Matt Bilotti @MattBilotti — Bilotti is the current president of the Northeastern Entrepreneurs Club. If that’s not enough, he’s also serving as the product manager for marketing agency influencers@.

Smit Patel@smit1293 — As a co-founder of FounderMatchup, Patel’s a self-proclaimed “startup junkie.” He also recently landed a gig working as an intern for Y Combinator company FlightFox, a crowdsourced travel planning tool.

Lexi Ross@lexiberylross — While at Harvard, Ross has become heavily involved in the incubator program Hack Harvard, where she’s now serving as the new president. During last semester’s program, Ross helped advise PollVaultr, who recently raised $60,000 for their “dead simple tablet surveys.” Yet, most recently, Ross has been working as an intern at Google in California.

Jack McDermott @JackRMcDermott — As a student at Tufts, McDermott has already launched two startups: Balbus Speech and Speech4Good. Six months after launching Speech4Good, McDermott also released Speech4Good Lite, the free, limited version of Speech4Good that allows users to enhance and practice their speech with the platform’s Delayed Auditory Feedback and Digital Speech Graph.

Sofia Papastamelos@Sofakimou — While at Boston College, Papastamelos has helped found BC Seed, a new competition focused on funding socially responsible startups. Working in conjunction with the Boston College Venture Competition, BC Seed awarded its first $1,000 this past semester. Papastamelos is also a product development associate at Proximate, a platform helping organizers create and revolutionize events.