Eugenie de Silva graduated from high school when she was 11 years old. Now, three years later, she is preparing to cross the commencement stage at the American Military University. The underage overachieving doesn’t stop there, however. She has one more massive move to make: Harvard.

“I would probably be in 8th grade, but I’m currently doing master’s level work at Harvard University,” said de Silva to The Tennessean.

Fourteen-year-old de Silva will be moving with her father from Harrogate, Tennessee to Boston, so she can begin her master’s in legal studies alongside classmates in their 20s and 30s.

Her ultimate goal is to become an intelligence agent for the U.S. government and then the Secretary of Defense, but she says that won’t come until she receives a second master’s, a doctorate and a law degree.

The Tennessean reports de Silva has never made below an “A” and has already published a book with her father, Dr. Eugene de Silva, a professor of physics and chemistry at Walters State Community College and founder of the Virginia Research Institute.

Her father claims de Silva was able to type before she could write, but acknowledged the two try and have fun, as well, by going to the movies or playing soccer and piano—an instrument de Silva taught herself to play.

“It was always my dream to go to Harvard,” de Silva said. “When I walked on campus, it was magnificent for me.”

To hear from de Silva, check out the video, courtesy of The Tennessean, below.