In two days, Boston’s best and brightest will convene on our city’s waterfront to have a conversation. It’s a crucial conversation, and, while some might claim otherwise, it’s a conversation we need to have.

This Wednesday, The Ad Club’s annual Women’s Leadership Forum will ask: What does the road to success look like for women today? And further, how do we even define female success? Some might call this dialogue tired or irrelevant, but if the dearth of female leaders or continuing salary gap is any indication, gender equity in the workplace and beyond remains an issue.

Thankfully, The Ad Club not only hosts this crucial conversation, but advances it. Rather than rehashing cliche talking points about work-family balance, the Women’s Leadership Forum  introduces fresh perspectives from a diverse pool of voices. The 16 extraordinary speakers span generations, industries and borders; no two portraits of female success are alike. The conversation will be dynamic, provocative and inspiring, as each woman shares her most prized possession: Her story.

And it’s not too late for you to hear them. Join the conversation at the Women’s Leadership Forum this Wednesday, March 19, at the Westin on Boston’s waterfront. Be in one room with the nation’s most exemplary female leaders and explore what it means to be a great woman.

If life gets in the way, however, and you can’t make it to the waterfront, you can still be part of the conversation via Twitter. Attending thought leaders will be tweeting inspiring speaker soundbytes and capturing the empowering atmosphere of this once-a-year Ad Club event. Search the hashtag #AdClubWomen and follow these accounts to catch all the ‘eXXceptional’ insights at the Women’s Leadership Forum.

The conference might be two days away, but The Ad Club’s Women’s Leadership Forum already has Twitter buzzing. The Ad Club launched a poetry slam contest on Twitter, inspiring 140-character verses of empowerment. Check out how some big-name Boston companies ‘eXXpress’ themselves and how creativity can score you prizes.

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To learn more, check out the 2014 Women’s Leadership Forum event site, and for the latest updates, follow @theadclub and search #AdClubWomen.