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Election Day may be a serious day for America, but after you have voted, you should be able to have a little POTUS-esque fun this evening — in the form of a drinking game. If you’re not planning on attending one of these election viewing parties around Boston, you can play our election drinking game at home. To play the game, first, grab some friends and tune into one of the major TV news stations like ABC, NBC, CNN or Fox News. Then, pour yourself a drink, have the shots prepped and get ready to chug. Without further ado, here is BostInno’s 2012 Election Drinking Game. Proceed with caution, my fellow Americans. And it would be wise to buy a bottle of Advil for the morning. It is only Tuesday, after all.

2012 Election Drink Game

Take a drink if…

  • The phrase “Swing states” is mentioned.
  • “Exit polls” are mentioned.
  • “Early results” is mentioned.
  • “Hurricane Sandy” is mentioned.
  • “Record turnout” is mentioned.
  • “Youth vote” is mentioned.
  • “Latino vote” is mentioned.
  • “Recession” is mentioned.
  • The phrase “provisional ballots” is mentioned.
  • The 2008 election is mentioned.
  • A hologram appears on the screen.
  • A candidate’s family members are shown on camera.
  • Every time they cut to a reporter at Obama’s Chicago election party or Romney’s Boston party.
  • Every time your candidate loses a state.

Take a shot if…

  • A third party candidate is mentioned.
  • A former president or presidential candidate is mentioned.
  • Marijuana is mentioned (looking at you, Colorado).
  • “Big Bird” is mentioned.
  • Your candidate wins. (If that candidate is Obama, drink “four more beers.” Get it?).

Finish your drink if…

  • A candidate wins the electoral vote, but not the popular vote, or vice versa.
  • Results are official in the state you voted in.
  • Your candidate loses. See you in 2016.