[Update: For Updated Results from Florida and the National Popular Vote, Head Here]

Enough of the 2012 Presidential Election results have been tallied to declare Barack Obama the winner, but the results from swing state Florida are yet to be declared, leading the popular vote to also hang in the balance. As the Florida results stand, Obama has a slight lead with 61,170,405 to Romney’s 58,163,977. We are just waiting for the final votes to be tallied in Florida (results listed below), and we will finally have a complete electoral map. With Florida, we will also be able to discern the final popular vote results, as all states will have reported their numbers. You can view the electoral map progressions above. [Update: For Updated Results from Florida and the National Popular Vote, Head Here]

As of Thursday morning, CNN is reporting that Florida results are still processing with 97% of the results in. So far, Barack Obama has 50% of the vote with 4,169,044 total votes. Mitt Romney has 49.% of the vote, with 4,117,106 votes. “Others” currently holds 0.9% with 71,247 votes. The 29 electoral votes will not swing this election as you can see above from the total electoral votes.

A few new Senate and House seats were also decided on Wednesday. The Democrats regain control of the senate with 53 seats to the GOP’s 45 and the Republicans regain control of the House with 233 seats to the Dems 193.

The 2012 presidential election results were officially announced around 11:00pm EST late Tuesday night as Obama took all 18 electoral votes from swing state Ohio, putting him past the 270 electoral college votes needed to become President. Most pundits expected the call to come much later in the night, but the election was called only “about 20 minutes later than when Obama won his first term in 2008,” The Hill reported.

Obama will be sworn into office privately at 12PM on Jan. 20, 2013, in Washington D.C.

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