As you sluggishly strive to survive Super Bowl Monday, the city’s college students are revving up for the 61st annual Beanpot, kicking off tonight at the TD Garden. Boston University player Ben Rosen couldn’t have said it better:

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Boston University has won the Beanpot trophy 29 times since the “social event of the winter season” first debuted in 1952. Following in their footsteps has been Boston College with 17 wins, Harvard with 10 and Northeastern with four. The most coveted prize, however, is never the trophy, but rather Boston’s college hockey bragging rights.

The Northeastern men’s hockey team will face off against Boston University tonight at 5, before Boston College and Harvard take to the ice at 8 p.m. The women’s teams will be dealt with the same pairings tomorrow, just facing off at reversed times. This week’s winners will then advance to play in next week’s finals on February 11 and February 12.

Enough with the hockey talk, though, because let’s get real: this event is more social than sport, and you can’t go into this unprepared. So, here’s what to expect from the 61st annual Beanpot.

Apathetic Looking Harvard Students

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the last time Harvard won the tournament. At some point, the Ivy League students stop caring—like today, for instance. Those coming in from Cambridge tonight are destined to be the quietest ones in the TD Garden.

Dean Elmore Tweeting

Boston University’s Dean of Students Kenn Elmore is hosting a #Beanpotness Tweetup at The Grand Canal from 3 to 5 p.m. All fans, no matter the team, are welcome to attend, but be prepared to see the @DeanElmore likely rocking a red bow tie and tweeting up a storm tonight regardless of whether you’re watching the game from downtown or afar. The man likes his social media.

Trash-talking on Twitter

Speaking of social media, start preparing your puns now. The college hockey players can’t fight for fear of ejection, so the fans enjoy battling it out in 140-characters or less instead. The sass has already started.

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Plenty o’ Paw Prints

Between the Boston University Terriers and Northeastern Huskies, the Beanpot brings out plenty of paw prints. Just don’t get confused between Boston University’s Dog Pound and the NU DogHouse, because one wrong step and you could find your way into Northeastern’s power play “Sex Chant.” (No, we’re not kidding.)

Give Me An S
Everyone: S
Give Me An E
Everyone: E
Give Me An X
Everyone: X
What’s That Spell
Everyone: SEX
What’s That Mean
Everyone: Penetrate & Score (3x)
Everyone: Go NU

Or, you could just be like this Boston University fan and get crafty with some nail polish before the game.

Jersey? ? Nails? ? Ready for the #beanpot! #GoBU #boston #hockey #TerrierNation — Image via @EmilyPazur


The BU Dogpound has already started getting clever with the fake tweets. What else do you guys have?

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Hopefully the Return of the Beanpot Trot

Before the 1986 Beanpot Final, the Boston College men’s ice hockey team was caught on tape bragging about how awesome they are. Unfortunately for them, they lost the final to Boston University. Fortunately for us, this gem pops up every year in February.

A Hangover

What more can be said? Hopefully you’ve just properly hydrated after Super Bowl Sunday.

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Sucks 2 BU Memorabilia

A Beanpot couldn’t go by without someone wearing a shirt, gripping a sign or screaming at the top of their lungs, “Sucks 2 BU.” Maybe one day—one day—students will come equipped with catchier puns. Until then, however, feel free to browse the merchandise from Cafe Press below.