You name the after hour eatery, college students flock to it. Whether New York Pizza or Nan Ling, shoveling down late-night delights has become a tradition to the group regularly working to either ward off an impending hangover or starve off the nagging hunger that can only accompany hours of procrastinated studying around finals time.

Online food order and delivery service GrubHub discovered which students here in the Hub are the worst offenders of having a late-night hankering. After mining through a school-year’s worth of data from students at more than 350 college campuses, GrubHub found those at MIT and Tufts the guiltiest local parties.

MIT fell to No. 6 on the list of “Latest Nights,” meaning the campus is one that has the highest percentage of orders between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m. The news is, personally, not surprising considering hacking tends to happen at night, and the Institute’s students are rather adept at it. After turning the side of a building into a playable game of Tetris, you’d likely be hungry, too.

Tufts came in at No. 8 on the list, although that I’ll have to blame on the school being tucked into suburbia. Sure, Davis Square is just a quick stroll away, but students aren’t stereotypically known for taking the longer route, opting for the “laziest” instead. That, and they shouldn’t be walking alone to Mike’s at midnight anyway. Those kind of shenanigans are just unsafe.

GrubHub released 13 other lists alongside “Latest Nights,” highlighting where the earliest rising, most polite, coffee drinking, pickiest eaters are. To see which local institutions nabbed a spot in the rankings, check out the slideshow below. (Spoiler alert: MIT students are also the biggest spenders.) For more on what students are ordering, click here.