[UPDATE: First Round voting has closed. To see who made it to the second round, and vote, click here.] 

As March Madness starts heating up, so do the undergraduate and graduate business school rankings, each laying claim to a different “number one” school. So, in the spirit of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, we’ve pitted the city’s colleges against each other in a March Madness bracket of our own to see who here in the Hub rules the startup roost.

The bracket is divided into four divisions, highlighting both sides of the Charles River, as well as the business schools brewing outside of city lines and the up-and-comers you need to be sure to keep your eye on.

Now, if MIT were a country, it would boast the 11th largest economy in the world. Over at Harvard Business School, however, 97 percent of students are securing job offers within three months of graduation. Boston College is quietly growing a powerhouse entrepreneurship program, while Babson is being ranked number one in entrepreneurship for the 20th year in a row.

As for “the underdogs,” there’s nothing subpar about them. Emerson President Lee Pelton announced they will be opening a center for entrepreneurship and innovation by the summer of 2014. Suffolk Entrepreneurs have also been creating quite the stir, with one student taking a product to QVC and another raising $500,000. At UMass Boston, the Entrepreneurship Center has made headlines for actively placing students in paid internships at local startups.

So, who’s out innovating whom? Well, that’s up to you to decide. We’re putting the voting in the community’s hands and letting students, staff, faculty and alumni ride on the waves of school spirit.

Below, we’ve broken the polling down into the four different divisions. You have from now until next Thursday, March 28, at 8 a.m. to vote for which campus you think is bringing the best in entrepreneurship. The schedule is as follows:

  • Thursday, March 28: First Round Voting Ends at 8 a.m., Results Published at Noon and Second Round Voting Opens
  • Wednesday, April 3: Second Round Voting Ends at 8 a.m., Results Published at Noon and Third Round Voting Opens
  • Monday, April 8: Third Round Voting Ends at 8 a.m., Championship Match-Up Opens and Voting Goes Until Midnight
  • Tuesday, April 9: The Campus Innovation Champion Will be Unveiled

Get to voting. And, if you can’t make up your mind, take a look at our Campus Innovation Guide, which highlights how 10 of the schools have been paving the way in entrepreneurship. Or, take a look below at some of the various student entrepreneurs coming out of each of the schools.

Good luck! May the most innovative prevail!

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