Really, Though

The last time I checked my calendar, it declared the first day of spring was Wednesday, March 20, 2013. One look outside the window, however, and we’re all screaming, “F*$k You, Punxsutawney Phil.” It’s hard to celebrate the Vernal Equinox when the first signs of the season are buried beneath mounds of snow and temperatures here in the Hub are dipping into the 30s. What happened to the sunshine, vibrant flowers and warm weather the start of spring is supposed to bring?

Here’s a harsh reality: exactly one year ago today, Boston reached an unprecedented high temperature, 73 degrees. Yes, you heard correctly, folks. This time last year, you were swapping stories about air conditioners and ice cream trucks. Today, you’re lucky if you can get the ice scraped off your car windshield.

Dare I even tell you that temperatures were expected to climb to 90 degrees later on in the week last year, as well? Too late, the truth came out, and it hurts almost as bad as the injuries you suffered from slipping around in today’s slush.

No, February’s winter storm Nemo wasn’t enough. Nor were the buckets of snow we were forced to endure earlier on in March. Maybe Punxsutawney Phil and Mother Nature are conspiring to pull an early April Fools’ prank on us. “Oh, you thought just because I didn’t see my shadow, we’d have an early spring? Think again, suckers.”

As someone who’s not into skiing or snowboarding, and has already built her fair share of snowmen and women, let me just agree with my colleague and say, “This sucks.”

Spring is officially supposed to start tomorrow at precisely 7:02 a.m. EST and span until Thursday, June 20. Whether we’ll see even one sliver of spring, who knows? At least you can flip through the photos below and dream the sunshine here. All I can say is, we better be rewarded with one extra long summer.