(From the 2014 conference; Image via LearnLaunch.)

As promising as the future of education is, it doesn’t come without its hurdles, particularly in the ed-tech space. The LearnLaunch Institute’s third-annual conference plans to bring those challenges to the forefront, however, with the goal of inspiring more than 600 entrepreneurs, educators, investors and industry experts to catalyze change.

Called “Across Boundaries: Delivering on Edtech’s Promise,” the conference is designed to foster a dialogue about digital learning — a conversation baked into the mission of the LearnLaunch Institute, a Boston nonprofit “dedicated to increasing student achievement through the adoption of digital technologies.”

The two-day event, co-sponsored by Harvard Business School and the Harvard Graduate School of Education, kicks off Friday, January 23, at 9 a.m. with an invitation-only pre-conference summit for financial and institutional investors. Registration will be open to the public at noon, followed by a variety of keynote speeches and breakout sessions.

Session topics range from “Can Ed-Tech Close the Skills Gap?” — featuring the Startup Institute’s Diane Hessan, Smarterer’s Sarah Hodges and PTC’s John Stuart — to “The Tech in Ed-Tech,” spotlighting Google’s Julie Farago, McGraw-Hill Education’s Stephen Laster, Cengage Learning’s George Moore and Pearson’s Sean York.

This year’s keynote speakers span the spectrum, as well. They include: Jose Ferreira, founder and CEO of Knewton; Deborah Quazzo, founder and managing partner of GSV Advisors; David Rose, founder and chief education officer of the Center for Applied Special Technology; and Diane Tavenner, founder and CEO of Summit Public Schools.

In between the breakout sessions and keynotes, 20 ed-tech startups will be exhibiting at the conference, while another 12 will be preparing to pitch their product to a room full of an expected 600-plus event attendees. At 9:45 a.m. on Saturday, January 24, a dozen companies will take to the stage, including test prep startups Testive and LTG Exam Prep Platform, the latter of which raised $3 million in August.

Tickets to attend the event range start from $80 for a student to $350 for an investor or industry participant, and can be purchased here. The conference will be held at Harvard Business School. For a closer look at the program, click here.