Remember MIT delta v, the Cambridge-based summer program that aims at teaching students the basics of entrepreneurship? After a peek we were able to take in June, the longtime initiative of the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship shared the names of the ventures that just completed the 2017 edition of the program.

Here are the 21 student startups that recently presented at Demo Day (descriptions provided by the Martin Trust Center and edited by BostInno):


Focused on empowering women to achieve their goals, Alba has developed a caregiving marketplace for parents in Latin America. Founders Dan Stern, María Teresa del Sante and
Mauricio Giadach have seen just how difficult it is for Latin American families to balance work, life and child care, especially with an increasing amount of qualified women joining the workforce.

Biobot Analytics

Founders Newsha Ghaeli and Mariana Matus are passionate about improving the quality of life in cities, which is why they developed Biobot Analytics. Biobot’s mission is to equip cities with data to build healthier and safer communities. Biobot’s technology leverages the founders’ collective eight years of research at MIT across urban studies, computational biology, engineering, data analytics and design.


Blockparty tackles food insecurity through fun, engaging cooking classes where young professionals can learn a new recipe while also providing meals to our neighbors in need.

Bloomer Health Tech

Bloomer Health Tech is transforming heart health and quality of life for women suffering from or at risk of heart disease. Bloomer delivers effortless and comfortable medical-grade sensors embedded in a woman’s bra to monitor multiple biomarkers using patent-pending advanced fabrics and algorithms. This enables a woman to take control of her healthy life while simultaneously building a report of her vitals and health state for her physician.


At Divaqua, founders Wen Jie Ong and Will Ferrer are committed to improving access to potable water. They are developing and commercializing higher performing, safer and more cost-effective technology for limiting toxic industrial effluents. The team is currently focused on leveraging its groundbreaking selectively adsorptive material to support wide-reaching wastewater treatment process innovation.


GETRID is the smart, easy, and sustainable way to GETRID of your unused items. GETRID is committed to collecting and repurposing unwanted quality items so they can find good new homes and not end up in landfills.

Infinite Cooling

Founders Maher Damak and Karim Khalil are disrupting the way power plants use water. Infinite Cooling’s product efficiently captures this water and reintroduces it back into the cooling cycle, so that the same water can be used again and again. 


Klarity’s vision is to provide widespread access to concise and trustworthy legal advice through intelligent technology. Hours saved on contract review equals more time spent on getting details signed. Our unique, user-friendly cloud application was designed to fit seamlessly into your workflow.

Mayflower Venues

Mayflower Venues enables you to create a one-of-a-kind wedding and help preserve unique open spaces across New England. Our platform, technology and tools empower open spaces such as farms, orchards, beaches and more to easily market, manage and host events.


Founders Ryan Macpherson, Veronika Stelmakh, and Walker Chan are bringing portable power to those who need it most. Today’s dismounted soldiers carry 10-20 pounds of batteries to support a 72-hour mission. Mesodyne’s breakthrough technology enables ultra-portable, reliable and affordable energy generation at the 1-100 W range.


NeuroMesh is a managed security and intelligence company for Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Most critical infrastructure relies on IoT to function. However, it is difficult to secure IoT using traditional security mechanisms due to their low memory constraints and low-powered processors. NeuroMesh provides a vaccine for IoT that secures the endpoint, generates updates using machine learning, and delivers the update over the unhackable bitcoin blockchain.


In order to ensure self-driving cars are safe enough for public roads, AV developers need millions of miles of training data to build and test their driving systems. Collecting data is tedious, expensive and time-consuming. Octant’s data curation platform uses deep learning to accelerate AV development. Octant automatically uncovers key data segments and insights from AV sensor data.

Pine Health

Patients forget 80 percent of their doctor’s instructions by the time they reach the parking lot. Non-adherence — such as not reducing sodium intake, not attending rehab, or not taking medications properly — leads to over $300 billion in preventable healthcare costs each year. Co-founders Lina and Sidney have developed an adherence platform that delivers semi-automated conversations through a predefined library of health messages and an AI-augmented coach.


Remora Therapeutics is an early stage biotech company focused on developing a new class of platelet-based therapeutics. Platelets are best known for their role in blood clotting and wound healing, but are also known to selectively target diseased or damaged tissue and preferentially release their contents at these sites.


ReviveMed is a precision medicine platform that aims to improve people’s health by unlocking the value of metabolomic data. Metabolomics (the study of small molecules such as glucose) is essential for developing the right therapeutics for the right patients. ReviveMed’s platform is able to turn metabolomic data into actionable knowledge for understanding disease and developing therapeutics.

Roots Studio

Roots Studio is a for-profit social enterprise that curates, digitizes, and markets culturally iconic artwork from indigenous and isolated artists. Their digital marketplace allows artists to transact with buyers from wherever they currently reside at minimal life disruption. Founder Rebecca Hui has set up computers and scanners in rural villages and trained artists to digitize their work.

Sigma Ratings

Sigma Ratings is the world’s first non-credit risk rating agency. Using Artificial Intelligence and machine learning paired with deep domain expertise, Sigma Ratings helps companies more effectively and efficiently navigate increasing regulatory challenges by assigning dynamic non-credit risk ratings and scores to their counterparties, with an initial focus on financial crime compliance risk.


Finding the right therapist can be difficult and overwhelming; Sophia is setting out to solve this problem. Sophia connects patients with the right therapists for them using a data-driven matching process, creating stronger therapeutic relationships.


TradeTrack has developed a mobile application that aims to improve personalized customer services in the fashion industry. Their solution increases brand loyalty and helps to improve customer retention. Specifically, their app captures employee evaluations and a personalized record of client preferences so customers can be aware of offers, discounts or new collections related to their preferences.


W8X helps athletes to become their best and strongest selves with strength training equipment that adapts to their specific needs. Inspired by robotics, their team has developed a weight lifting system that creates resistance electrically. The system is much more compact and versatile due to not requiring physical weights.


Waypoint creates enterprise software for augmented reality glasses that helps frontline workers rapidly capture, access and scale expert knowledge.