It all ends tonight. NBC’s 30 Rock will air its final episode on Thursday evening at 8 p.m. ET. The show takes place in New York, centered on 30 Rockefeller Plaza, the home to the fictional TGS comedy series produced by Tina Fey’s Liz Lemon. Despite its Big Apple setting, 30 Rock actually has a ton of ties to Boston. So, while you await the series finale of 30 Rock tonight, here’s a look back at the best of 30 Rock’s Boston moments throughout its seven season run.

Jack Donaghy grew up in Boston. According to his Wikipedia page, Donaghy grew up “unhappy and impoverished” in a South Boston neighborhood called “Sadchester.” He worked as a docker at the Port of Boston and interned for Senator Ted Kennedy.

“They’re Boston Irish Catholic. They mate for life, like swans. Like drunk, angry swans.” – Jack Donaghy

In Season 4, the cast travels to Boston, and they hate it. They have to share an office with the staff of the Bruins Beat. “They are all named Shawn, they are mean and I hate it here,” said Kenneth Parcell.

The show pokes fun at Harvard students. Not wanting to drop the H-bomb, Toofer Spurlock said, “I went to college in Boston. Well, not in Boston, but nearby. No, not Tufts!”

It also pokes fun at our liquor laws. Liz Lemon promised the trip to Boston would be fun. Frank responded, “How? Their bars close at 2.”

Tracey Jordan walks the Freedom Trail. And pisses off Patriots fans by saying, “Patriots suck!”

According to Jack Donaghy, Bostonians name their daughters “Belichick.” After Bill Belichick, of course.

Julianne Moore does a terrible fake Boston accent. Moore plays Donaghy’s high school crush, channeling a thick Boston accent for the role. She defended her portrayal: “I went to school in Boston and worked with a lot of guys from Dorchester, so that’s where [the accent] came from. We made it thick … for humor’s sake, but then again, not really. There are folks with seriously heavy accents there, and they are proud of it.”

Liz Lemon also has a terrible Boston accent. In season 5, Liz is briefly married to Jack Donaghy, and dressed as Jacqueline Kennedy, she holds a press conference and, in a terrible Boston accent, announces their $5 million donation to “The Jack and Elizabeth Donaghy High School for Teen Drama, The Arts, and Feelings.”

Jack Donaghy declares that Boston is the greatest city in the world. He cites the Boston Tea Party, Boston cream pie and Boston Rob Mariano (yes, the guy from  Survivor) as reasons why.

What are your favorite 30 Rock moments?