PianoArc CTO Dave Starkey shows off the startup’s circular keyboard.

It’s only been a little over half a year since MassChallenge opened its MADE hardware lab, a 5,000-square-foot space that provides startups with access to electronics and rapid prototyping equipment. But, as demonstrated at MassChallenge’s first-ever MADE Hardware Showcase Monday night, 20 startups using the lab already have a lot to show for their hard work.

Here are MassChallenge’s highest impact hardware startups from MADE’s first seven months:

Blackburn Energy: Led by Andrew J. Amigo, this startup is developing a power unit for long-haul trucks that eliminates idle time, helping save $10,000 and 21 tons of CO2 per truck a year.

Energy Harvesters: Co-founded by Sherry Handel and Lawrence Grumer, the startup is developing a device to be included within footwear that serve as a personal electronics mobile power source called the “Walking Charger.” It will be used to charge smartphone batteries through a user’s walking motion.

A hardware kit that comes with one of Free Time Academy’s courses.

Free Time Academy: Founded and led by Dudi Peles, the startup is developing an online platform that offers structured courses on how to build robotics and other hardware creations. It recently won a “Best in Class” award at MakerFaire in New York.

Gesto: The startup is working on a smartwatch technology that reads your muscle’s electrical signals to track motions and translate gestures and patterns into actions on a computer. It was co-founded by Ricardo A. Santos, Andreia Carolina Dias, Dora Inacio, Rui Santos and and Eduardo Araujo.

Hydroswarm: Founded by and led by Sampriti Bhattacharyya, the startup is working on an “adaptable, smart drone platform” that communicate with underwater, data-collecting drones, according to TechCrunch. The drones can have a number of applications, including environmental monitoring and monitoring for the oil and gas industry.

Insightfil: Founded and led by Ted Acworth, the Boston robotics startup has been blazing a path with its robot-guided custom mosaic designs under the name Artaic, but it’s now going into a whole new direction: helping people stay on top of multiple medications. Its system builds packages of pills based on a doctor’s prescription and prints custom instructions on the packages, then mails them to patients, helping patients stay on top of their medications.

Iron Goat: Founded and led by Jason Force, the startup is developing an autonomous robot that harvests hay and other grassy crops into a pelleted product for livestock feed . It also produces its own biofuel using the biomass it takes in.

Kwiksulate: Founded and led by Tony Davlin, the startup is developing a sustainable spray foam system that prevents the need to use disposable aerosol cans.

LaunchPad Medical’s Tetranite biomaterial.

LaunchPad Medical: Brian Hess is the CEO and founder of this startup, which is developing a biomaterial called Tetranite that acts as an adhesive that can repair broken or damaged bones.

Lumii: The MIT Media Lab-born startup is developing a glasses-free 3D technology using its light field engine. It was founded by CTO Matthew Hirsch, CEO Thomas A. Baran, CDO Daniel Leithinger and Advisor Gordon Wetzstein.

Makers Empire: The startup is developing a 3D design and printing learning program for primary schools. Several school districts and schools are using the program, including North Carolina State University and Roosevelt Union Free School District. It’s led by CEO Jon Soong.

NV Bots: Founded and led by AJ Perez, the startup is developing what it calls the first fully automated 3D printer, aimed at educators, students and businesses.

Orange Photonics: Founded by Dylan Wilks, the startup is developing an affordable marijuana potency tester that is aimed for use by dispensaries, growers and regulators.

Pavlok: Founded and led by Maneesh Sethi, the startup is developing wearable devices that aim to modify human behavior. Its first product is the Pavlok wristband, which gives users a mild electric shock to help them break bad habits.

PianoArc: Led by Charles Johnson, the startup is building a circular keyboard that is made for ease-of-use and visually oriented live performances. Its first model, the “Brockettship,” was used on Lady Gaga’s “Born This Tour” and “ArtPop” tours between 2012 and 2014.

QuitBit’s smartphone-connected electronic lighter.

QuitBit: Co-founded by Amir Ata Ghofrani and Takuji Nakano, the startup is developing a smartphone-connected electronic lighter that helps smokers track their smoking habits and make healthier decisions.

SUNU: The startup is developing the Sunu Band, a wristband that uses sonar and vibrations to help people who are visually impaired navigate their surroundings. Its co-founders are CEO Fernando Albertorio, President Marco Trujillo, CTO Cuauhtli Padillas and COO Fabiola Suarez.

Voxel8: The startup is developing a 3D printing platform that lets users design and manufacture electronic devices. It was co-founded by Jennifer A. Lewis, Michael Bell, Travis Busbee, Jack Minardi and Daniel Oliver.

Water Hero: Founded and led by Dan Sterling, the startup is developing a real-time mobile monitoring device that helps users reduce water usage property damage.

XactSense: Founded and led by Andy Trench, the startup is developing 3D scanning robots that can generate highly accurate 3D maps for various sectors, including energy and mining.

Images via Dylan Martin.