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The prospective journey of a Hult entrepreneur.

What do HubSpot, Intelligent.ly, Mavrck, Yesware and Clover Food Lab all have in common? They are all built by Boston-area alums.

From student entrepreneurs and the VCs who fund them, this city was built and continues to be built on its ability to attract and retain talent. We owe that ability to the strength of our ever-evolving educational community which has positioned us as a hub of innovation with nothing but room for growth moving forward.

The city’s major colleges, universities and incubators are collaborating to formulate an entrepreneurship curriculum combining theory and hands-on practice to develop the next generation of entrepreneurs and innovators. And the strength of our educational community’s student and alumni startup cluster is turning aspirational group projects into Boston-based companies.

Hult Boston and its growing pool of entrepreneurs are contributing to Boston’s rise as a hub of innovation, and the institution’s ability to constantly reinvent itself to produce business leaders and entrepreneurs is a major reason for that.

The Boston campus is an attractive destination for aspiring entrepreneurs, and the school’s position as a global institution has infused the city with talented international entrepreneurs bringing new ideas and business ventures.

Here are four Hult Boston alumni who are contributing to the growth of our innovation ecosystem.

Infographic via Rahul Joshi. For a full-size view of the HultStartups infographic, click here.