This is a guest post written by Boston-based fitness mogul, Hanneke Antonelli. Hanneke is a certified CTA Life Coach and award winning Pilates Instructor in Boston, MA. You can join her for weekly group classes at Equinox Back Bay, South Boston Yoga, Fisique and Charlestown Yoga. For more information about Hanneke visit her website or get fit with her DVD.

You have tried it all and nothing’s worked to get and stay in shape. Fear not, I have 4 fail proof ways to get and keep you there.

1. Commit

You can complain, wish and cry all you want. But if you’re not going to commit to your workout consistently during the week, you will not see the results you’re dreaming of. So just do it, make a commitment to a class, the treadmill or those weights at least 3 times a week. Schedule it in your calendar and make it happen!

2. Do what you enjoy

If you hate running, then trying to commit and stick to a run 3 times a week will just make you miserable and before long it probably won’t happen at all. Try new classes, or look up some YouTube videos for ideas of fun routines to do in the gym. Maybe even splurge on a trainer/Pilates instructor for 2 sessions just to give you a kick start or more moves to add to your own workout. Keep trying till you find an activity you enjoy.

3. Focus on the feeling after

From my own experience, scientific evidence and feedback of people in my classes: it’s a fact that you always feel great after a workout. Hold on to that feeling, savor it and remember it next time you want to back out of your workout. This will keep you motivated and committed.

4. Balance

In your workout routine, your diet and your life. We have probably all been there: going to over drive with our workouts, then getting injured or going to the extreme of eating clean and healthy, then hitting a week where everything you see automatically goes to your mouth. Try to find that balance that works for you: a little bit of good with the right amount of bad. We are all different, so it’s important to get that perfect balance of healthy that’s unique to your life, something you can stick too.

You know you have what it takes to be healthier and feel happier in your own skin, so just go ahead and do it! You know you can!


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