When I started actively attending a variety of startup and entrepreneurial events around Boston and taking classes at Emerson College, one of the things I first noticed was how everyone seemed to use Twitter. Not only did they turn to this social media tool for sharing information on their area of expertise but also to stay in the know by leaning on other people, making plans sharing ideas, and communicating.

Wanting to learn about new marketing, innovation and social media from listening to the smartest conversations on Twitter, I needed to find people who could provide me with the latest information on these topics. I first turned to my peers around me at Emerson – both current and recent graduates – and thanks to them I now have amazing access to all types of relevant, real-time content. Whether you are starting out on social media and want to learn from some of the best or whether you want to tap into great articles, useful data, and trending topics in Boston, check out the Twitter handles of these 5 Emerson College social media starlets:


Zach is an outstanding learning resource on Twitter. As a senior majoring in Marketing Communications, Zach is a tweet machine and shares all types of up-to-the-minute content related to social media, digital tech, top-notch marketing and advertising statistics as well as emerging, must-try apps. If you are looking for a news source related to these areas I strongly recommend for you to follow Zach. Perpetually in motion, he is always willing to answer your questions.


Abbey is a senior multimedia journalist. Her stories have been featured on CNN.com and she has a sharp eye for identifying and producing Boston hyper-local content. If you are interested in finding journalism best practices or just to get a good sense of Boston’s coolest activities, you might want to follow Abbey. Her tweets are not only informative but friendly. You can also catch her on WERS 88.9 for the latest local headlines during the morning and afternoon commutes.


Matt works at Modernista as a Social Media Manager and shares important information about the happenings in the tech and digital world in his Twitter stream. Matt’s specialties are: data-driven social media optimization, online media creation and development, community building and management, branding and identity, green technology, cars and music. I’d recommend following Matt in case you want to grab a sense of any of the above mentioned.


Max recently graduated from Emerson and works as a Social Strategist at BIGFish Communications. Max has a strong interest when it comes to the analytical side social media and mobile. His tweets have a unique style and he shares meaningful information about new tech apps, emerging digital news, sports and also more fun things like beer. Passionate about new technologies, mobile and advertising, you’ll be sure to stay in the know on both the professional and pop culture front by following Max.


With a passion for broadcast media and multimedia journalism, Cassidy has a strong presence in and anchors several Emerson College news sites such as Good Morning Emerson, WECB (Emerson’s undergraduate radio station), and the EVVY Awards (Emerson’s own award show). This current student regularly vlogs and blogs about sports, the Olympics and local Boston news. One of my favorite reasons for following Cassidy on Twitter, is that you can expect opinions, points and conversations with different brands.

Do you know about any other Emerson social media starlets that should be part of this list? Mention them in the comments!