As a journalist I spend a lot of time researching companies. I constantly have multiple tabs open with Google searches, about pages, press releases and other media outlets. This continuous scouring of information can be a delightful experience, or it can be an absolute nightmare.

There is nothing more frustrating when visiting a new company’s about page than a lack of information. I can’t tell you how many new companies I hear about and can’t find where they are located or how many people are on their team. The user experience for a journalist researching your company is very  important, as it could sway the tone of your piece and the amount of information included.

After scouring so many about pages over the course of the last 18 months, here are five tips to help your company make the most of your about page. There are certainly more tips (please leave them in the comments), but these top five should be kept top of mind:

Contact Info with Address

The worst thing you could possibly have is a Contact Us form on your website — and yet I run into them every day. A simple listing of your company’s address with a general contact email will do the trick. This allows journalists, potential employees and even potential investors locate you. Filling out Contact Us forms take forever, and deter people from getting in touch with you.

Team Pictures with Bio’s

When I click on your about page I want to connect with you and your company. Providing pictures of your team members will go a long way. A bio for each employee will also strengthen your company’s appearance. Not too mention, when journalists are researching your company they can grab head shots and your background to include in stories — making the story more engaging for readers (who are likely potential investors, customers, partners, etc.)

Press/Media Section

If you get some recent press, be proud and let it shine on your about page. Also include company press releases and announcements. This will subtly build a time line of achievements and milestones for everyone to see. It will also provide folks with a few fresh opinions about your company. One other area that gets drastically over looked is providing company logos or screen shots on your about page. This can prevent any old logos or bunk screen shots appearing in recent articles about your company.

Brief Company History with Two Sentence Description of Product/Service

Along with team pictures and bios, a brief company history can go a long way. Did your founders meet at the beach or while at business school? Make this story light and educational, as it undoubtedly adds to your company culture you project. A two sentence description is also crucial. When journalists are reading your about page and writing a story about your company, don’t ever make them have guess on what your product does. Make them get the facts write by allowing them to use your language. It’s a win-win.

Social Media Links

Your Twitter and Facebook accounts (along with Flickr, YouTube, Tumblr, etc.) tell a lot about your company. Not too mention, you want more followers right? Don’t let people search far and wide to friend or follow your pages. Put them front and center.

What am I missing? Do you have any tips for about pages?