Our Chobani creations.

I hate that Boston often has a little brother complex to New York City. While I don’t want to contribute to it, because I think the Hub is fantastic in its own right, I did come across some awesome food trends in the Big Apple while visiting this weekend that I would love to see make their way up north. Foodies, prepare to drool.

Chobani Store – Greek yogurt is all the rage, but how about a whole store dedicated to it? This weekend, Chobani debuted its flagship store in SoHo, serving up sweet and savory Greek yogurt concoctions with everything from blueberries to peanut butter to cucumbers. All yogurts come in a beautiful glass dish, which customers can choose to keep or return for 20 cents off their next purchase. I’m obsessed; check out my Instagram for more photos.

Tea Shops – I had a wicked cold while visiting New York this weekend, which didn’t stop me from staying out til 4 a.m., but did contribute to me losing my voice. I kept asking my friend for tea, assuming she’d take me to the nearest Starbucks. Au contraire, New York has entire stores and restaurants dedicated to the drink. I know what you’re thinking; that’s so hippie, right? Wrong. We ventured to Sanctuary T for brunch, in which we sipped on raspberry chocolate hot tea and noshed on eggs benedict, then walked over to David’s Tea in the West Village, where we sampled ice cream flavored iced tea. My sore throat was immediately cured, but now I’ve been craving tea all day.

The discreet phone booth entrance to Please Don’t Tell. Image via Yelp

Speakeasies – Thanks to spots like Eastern StandardCitizenbackbar and more, Boston’s got a fantastic craft cocktail scene. But New York takes it a step further – or a century back. Channeling a prohibition-era vibe, NYC’s best cocktails can be found in secretive speakeasies. For example, at Please Don’t Tell, you enter a phone booth inside a hot dog joint, dial “1” on the phone and a door opens to reveal a tiny lounge with bartenders lighting salmon-flavored drinks on fire. It’s cheesy, but then again, the drinks are out of this world. There’s also Blind Barber with a barber shop storefront, and Bathtub Gin, located inside a coffee shop.

Cream Cheese – Most people rave about New York bagels. To me, a bagel is a bagel – it’s the cream cheese that makes it. Or smear, if you will. In Boston, you don’t see much beyond your standard plain cream cheese. In NYC, there are legit dozens upon dozens of smear flavors. Check out Vic’s Bagel Bar, for example, which Boston blogger Molly Galler dubs “the Pinkberry of bagels.” Vic’s allows you to mix in ingredients to you cream cheese – from jalapeńos and egg salad to berries and more.

Some of the meat selection at Eataly. Image via Facebook

EatalyEataly is New York indulgence at its finest. It’s essentially a department store for any and all types of Italian food, from wine and fresh pasta, to spices and seafood, to gelato and bread. I simply walked through Eataly this weekend, but my olfactory senses were on complete overload the entire time. Next time I’m back in NYC, I’m hitting Eataly’s rooftop beer garden as soon as I hop off the bus.

Give us those five things, NYC, and we’ll give you all the lobster rolls your heart desires.

What New York food staples would you like to see make their way up north to Boston?