You know the drill – someone comes up with a billion-dollar idea and a dozen other companies try to copy it with slight variations and upgrades trying to get their piece of the pie. (And the rest of us just sit there wishing we had thought of something that good.)

Although Mark Zuckerburg proved that you can take an idea like MySpace and make it a million times better, most copy-cat companies don’t always measure up to the original. The latest copy-cat craze is taking advantage of Pinterest-mania by creating similar sites with slight modifications or demographic targets.

Although there seem to be new ones popping up each day, here’s a look at a few of the big ones gaining traction:












Almost identical to Pinterest in looks, LoveIt allows you to make boards private, meaning your friends don’t have to know that you’ve planned your entire wedding while you’re still single. Even better for bloggers, LoveIt’s content importer includes an algorithm that automatically credits the source, giving proper credit to those who deserve it.












Men want to pin, too! This site appears to replicate the functionality and look of Pinterest, aside from swapping the heart icon on Pinterest’s “like” button to a more masculine mustache icon. There isn’t the ability to search pins by topic, only by what’s popular and what is being posted by those you follow, so it appears this site hasn’t quite hit puberty yet.


The more mature of the men’s-focused spin-offs, Manteresting features a manly (and slightly more crude) feature allowing users to “Nail it!” to a board instead of pinning found items. Unlike Gentlemint, you can search for posted images by topic, including most Pinterest categories and a few extra such as Gaming and Manly Things. (Insert grunt here.)

I have to confess that I’m one of those brides with a Pinterest board dedicated to ideas for my wedding – currently at 187 pins and sure to grow between now and May. Although I’ve recently heard a few wedding planners groan when they hear the word “Pinterest,” blogs and sites dedicated to inspiration for the big day have become increasingly popular in recent years as the DIY movement gains strength. has combined the best of both worlds by creating a Pinterest-like site solely focused on wedding ideas which can be categorized by color and pins that can be suggested to you based on your style.


For travel fanatics, Trippy allows you to search for destination ideas based on images and aggregate them on boards. Once you’ve found the cash to fund these dream trips, Trippy’s iPhone app has trip-planning tool that also allows you to create trip albums on-the-go. Hello, honeymoon planner!

The question remains: Will any of these surpass the original or just remain a Pinterest-wannabe?