Ah, a cook-out. There’s nothing quite like a charcoaled hot dog, washed down by an ice cold [adult] soda, to kick off the summer. Unfortunately, the only outdoor space in my cramped apartment is the two feet of space between my front stoop and the curb, and I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to have a grill out there.

Because I refuse to resort to chowing down on boiled hot dogs this Memorial Day, I made it my personal mission to find some public grills to toast my buns on this weekend. Here are five spots around Boston where you can get your grill on without worrying about buying your own…or violating every fire code in the city.

Be warned: Some of these parks do require permits to use their grills, so plan ahead, clean up after yourselves, and be respectful if a park ranger politely tells you to take your burgers somewhere else.

Now, can someone please pass the ketchup?

Image via Destination Unknown