Future of MobileLast week, Gigaom held its Mobilize 2012 event. Speakers discussed the current state of mobile, analyzed how quickly it is evolving and made a few forecasts for the future. Gigaom’s Kevin C. Tofel took all those talks and picked out five themes that kept cropping up. Here’s a few snippets from Kevin’s “Future of Mobile: 5 takeaways from Mobilize 2012.”

  • Don’t count out HTML5 just yet. Mark Zuckerberg may not have been happy with HTML 5 for Facebook, but Spencer Rascoff, CEO of Zillow said, ”In my mind, we’re moving more towards a world where apps are basically bookmarks for mobile websites.”
  • The “point of sale” is now everywhere. While near-field communications (NFC) payment methods haven’t yet taken off significantly, alternative solutions that align more with traditional payments are becoming popular.
  • Video is becoming a primary mobile activity. Google’s YouTube is now delivering 25 percent of its content to mobile devices and the figure is likely to rise.
  • Connected homes will only appeal if the solutions are simple and add value.Watch for more plug-and-play modules that talk seamlessly with each other instead of more complex, centralized home servers for connected homes.
  • Developers need to consider the broadband their software needs. Third party apps that eat through gobs of mobile broadband could [be] passed over for similar apps that use less data.

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A few of these points are pertinent right now (broadband considerations, mobile video). A few are teetering on the edge and could crash down on the mobile market any day now (mobile payment, HTML5). While widespread prevalence of connected homes still seems fairly distant. But the major take away from these five key points made at Mobilize 2012 is that the mobile world is still turbulent and changing, and we’ll have to keep a sharp eye if we want to stay ahead of the wave. Who knows where it will end up?