Like it or not, the marketing landscape has changed. Outbound is out. Inbound is in.


  • 84% of 25-34 year-olds have left a favorite website because of intrusive/irrelevant advertising.
  • 91% of email users have unsubscribed from a company email that they previously opted into.

Throw out the megaphone. Nobody likes the loudmouth who nags for a sale.

Instead, create marketing that people love. Inform, educate, and connect with your audience. Don’t interrupt them.

But how do you–marketers–provide the type of value that leads to high-quality leads for your sales team? Creating awesome, shareable content is a great solution. Here are five types of content that will help you generate more leads in no time:

1. Blogs

A study conducted by HubSpot on its 1400 customers found that companies with blogs gathered 68% more leads than customers without blogs.

Blogging helps establish you as a thought leader, acting as a platform for your discussion on industry trends and topics.

The key is to create a community around your blog. While blogging definitely helps bring in more traffic through Google and your social channels, it can also serve as a brand builder. Engage with your readers, comment on other blogs within your niche, and be sure to write as much as possible.

56% of blog users who post monthly acquired a customer via their blog. That number jumps to 92% for users who post multiple times a day.

2. White Papers

White papers serve a similar purpose to blogging in that they help earn the trust of your customers by demonstrating knowledge of your industry. They can also help educate your customers about a specific problem that they might have–a problem that your product can solve.

By pushing out detailed content that speaks to the specific needs of your potential customers, you attract high-quality leads from the inside-out. Just make sure to include a strong call-t0-action at the end of your white paper.

3. Video

Online video is a great way to mix up the style of your content marketing strategy. Why?

Next time your company holds an event, try filming and producing a short video. It can be a great way to let potential customers get a sense of the awesome people that they should be working with.

4. Infographics

It can be difficult to walk the line between educating potential customers and bogging them down with too much data. Infographics are a great way to disguise lots of information in a way that won’t intimidate your readers. In fact:

People learn better when they consume information that is presented in a visual way. People also tend to share information that is presented in a more aesthetically pleasing fashion. Infographics are highly informative, highly shareable pieces of content that every business should consider creating.

5. Contests

Running a contest can be a great way to attract relevant leads and promote your brand. Contests give your most loyal customers an opportunity to show off their creativity, while encouraging those unfamiliar with your brand to engage through voting.

Additionally, by offering a prize from your company, you naturally bring in leads that have already demonstrated an interest in your products or services. Even better, submissions for a photo or video contest can provide you with a library of awesome content to be shared across your social channels weeks after the conclusion of your contest.

Content is “King” for a reason. Consumers have control over what information they take in now more than ever. In order to compete for their limited attention, you have to create content that provides serious value. Don’t waste money going out in search of leads. Let customers find you through your awesome content.