Tonight, hundreds will descend on the House of Blues for the 53rd Annual Hatch Awards presented by The Ad Club. Once a year, Boston’s advertising and marketing leaders gather to honor their peers’ creative excellence, crowning hundreds across 36 categories. The Hatch Awards spotlights the best campaigns and the brilliant minds who brought them to life. Agencies large and small, established and up-and-coming, will be showcasing their work and applauding others.

Hatch is much more than an awards show. It’s a chance for Boston’s designers, copywriters, and creative directors to come together as a community and celebrate Boston’s remarkable advertising scene. The Hub is a leader in new marketing, experimenting with digital and innovating inspired campaigns. The Hatch Awards provides a forum for local agencies to recognize their combined greatness and commend each others’ achievements.

But the Hatch Awards is still a contest for the top prize, and the competition is fierce. Many Boston-born campaigns proved to be the most influential of the year. Progressive’s Flo, JetBlue’s “Air on the Side of Humanity,” Liberty Mutual’s “Humans” – all were products of local talent, setting the bar high for tonight’s event.

The real question on everyone’s mind is who will take home the ultimate award of the evening, the coveted “Best of Show.” In the past decade, Hill Holliday, Mullen, and other premier local firms have snatched up “Best of Show” for genius creative marvels which inspired the ad community at home and beyond. Check out the past “Best of Show” winners to peruse the best of the Boston ad scene, and get a taste for what it takes to score top honors at The Ad Club’s Hatch Awards.

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Hill Holliday – “Mad Men” with Newsweek

Hill Holliday won “Best of Show” at last year’s 52nd Hatch Awards for their work on Newsweek’s special edition double issue celebrating the return of the popular show “Mad Men.” This special Newsweek issue reverted to the 1960s format of the magazine, complete with retro advertisements. Hill Holliday also added a modern twist: the ads also could be scanned via mobile device for access to exclusive video content.

Mullen – JetBlue “Ground Rules”

Mullen’s “Ground Rules” video series for JetBlue was a clever commentary on the state of air travel today. Via hidden camera, the series captured regular people caught in frustrating situations including cab drivers denying passengers legroom, charging to put bags in the trunk of the car, and street- side food vendors giving customers just a half a can of soda. Each spot closed with “If you wouldn’t take it on the ground, then don’t take it in the air,” demonstrating JetBlue doesn’t subject their customers to such inconveniences. The humorous video spots earned Mullen “Best of Show” at the 51st Hatch Awards.

Brand Content – Boston Breakers “Father Daughter”

Mid-sized agency Brand Content took home the top prize at the 50th Hatch Awards for their newspaper campaign “Father Daughter” for women’s professional soccer team Boston Breakers. The poignant ads present Breakers games as a way for fathers to bond with their daughters. The emotive campaign touched the judges, earning Brand Content a place among local agency powerhouses.

Fort Franklin – 48th Annual Hatch Awards Video

Independent shop Fort Franklin won “Best of Show” at the 49th Hatch Awards for a video they created to open the prior year’s ceremony. The video depicts our “culture of clutter” as an employee charged with making the video is distracted by the ridiculous wonders of the web.

Arnold Worldwide – American Legacy Foundation “Singing Cowboy”

Arnold Worldwide won the 47th Annual Hatch Awards “Best of Show” for their work on “Singing Cowboy,” part of the American Legacy Foundation’s anti-smoking campaign “Truth.” The spot features a cowboy with a laryngectomy singing via electronic voice box about the dangers of smoking to an unsuspecting Times Square Crowd. The ad is gripping and disarming, an impressive creative spot by Arnold. Arnold won “Best of Show” for their work for the American Legacy Foundation in 2002 and 2004 as well.

Arnold Worldwide – Volkswagen of America, “Squares”

Arnold won “Best of Show” for it’s work with Volkswagen in both in 2000, 2003, 2005 and 2006. This spot, “Squares,” scored top honors at the 43rd Hatch Awards in 2003 and features a series of ordinary square objects, concluding with the contrasting curvy VW bug. Arnold dominated the past decade of Hatch Awards with a total of 7 “Best in Show” awards.

Modernista! – MTV, “We’re Watching”

Boston agency Modernista! formed in 2001, and the same year took home “Best of Show” at the 41st Hatch Awards for their “We’re Watching” MTV campaign. The outdoor and transit ad campaign started some controversy by comparing MTV to a sexually transmitted disease, causing the Massachusetts Transit Authority to actually remove at least one ad.