Boston is one of the most innovative cities on the planet.  We are on the forefront of the tech industry, constantly producing new ideas and creating new products. One area where Boston is truly an innovation leader is mobile. Local companies are discovering new ways to apply mobile technology, changing the way companies do business and consumers buy products. Lucky for us, this is all happening in our own backyard. While there are plenty of B2B companies helping businesses leverage mobile, B2C companies are also hopping on the mobile train and using mobile technology to improve the consumer experience. Here are a few of our favorite apps from local Boston companies built to make your life better. Check them out for yourself to see how cool they truly are.

1. BlockAvenue. GPS technology has transformed how we function in our daily lives. The typical consumer wants and expects localized, relevant information on demand. BlockAvenue understands this widespread consumer need and has created a platform giving people everything they could possibly want to know about their neighborhood. From transit options to local restaurants to crime rate, BlockAvenue compiles all this data about where you live, work, and play into one place for easy access. The mobile app will hit stores soon, so be on the lookout for BlockAve in the App Store & Android Marketplace.

2. Kayak. Created right here in Boston, Kayak Mobile is the number one mobile travel app. The free app enables you to make all your travel plans on-the-go. Compare hundreds of travel sites, find the right hotel, check out flight deals, or even track your flight status from your Smartphone or Tablet.

3. Evertrue. Boston is home to nearly fifty colleges or universities so it is no surprise that Evertrue, a mobile alumni networking app, came out the Hub. Download your school’s app to connect with alumni all around the world and on social media.  Institutions can also use the app to access donor data from Facebook and LinkedIn, connect with donor databases or alumni portals, and instantly connect  with constituents.

4. Springpad. Springpad is your little mobile assistant, helping you manage the constant flow of information and efficiently cross of your to-do list. Whether it’s a restaurant you want to go to or a movie to add to your must-see list, save it with Springpad to automatically receive reviews, maps, and other helpful bonus information. Springpad also provides a notebook platform for notes and checklists. Basically by having all your tasks compiled one application accessible anywhere, Springpad makes it easier to simply get things done.

5. Joss & Main. The Boston members-only home flash sales site has app that makes the shopping experience even better.  A part of, Joss & Main offers great deals on curated collections of designer housewares but only in limited-time sales. With the app, you can log on to Joss & Main anytime, anywhere so you never miss a sale, making “the thrill of the find,” that much more exciting.

6. Karoo by understands working parents need a little help. Their app, Karoo, helps bring them one step closer to achieving that elusive work-family balance. Karoo connects parents with caregivers by providing a platform to instantly share updates, photos, and videos. Parents will be able to feel close to their kids and on the same page with their nanny while away.

7. Happier. Want to be happier? Believe it or not, there’s an app for that thanks to the Boston startup Happier. Happier is a platform to capture, collect, and share life’s happy moments. A more intimate forum than Facebook or Twitter, the app is a more meaningful way to focus on the little things that make you happy and share them with those you care about most. Happier wants users find their bliss and start living their best life. Download some happiness today.

If there’s a Boston-based app you think is cool, let us know in the comments below.