We’ve already given you a list of seven of Boston’s best individual student bloggers, so we figured why not tack on seven more that are more closely related to the city’s colleges and universities. From blogs suited for the more fashion forward to one geared toward the bro inside all of us, the city’s students are keeping us clued in, in the blogosphere. Just take a look for yourself.

Spotted — With the goal of “documenting fashion standouts at Emerson,” Spotted truly has some amazing photos of the College’s students. The blog’s “About” describes Emerson as “one of the most fashionable schools in America,” and while I’d like to just agree, because I went to school there, this blog also confirms why Emerson was ranked the third most hipster campus in the country. Big props go out to junior Daniel Hejl on the photos.

BU Culture Shock — Coined as “an ever-evolving project of the Howard Thurman Center,” Culture Shock was founded with the purpose of sharing ideas and experiences to try and push its readers a little bit out of their element. From poetry to “This Is Not About Boobs,” the blog covers a lot of ground, showcasing the different sides of Boston University.

Harvard Hoochies — Hard to put together a must-follow list without including one of the newest, most lovingly inappropriate blogs to grace the scene. When we first heard the Harvard Hoochies were going beyond their Twitter handle and chronicling their drunken escapades, one-night stands and favorite Final Club moments in more than 140 characters, we were ecstatic. After reading their blog, you should be, too.

Broston College — If you weren’t aware of Broston College already, you should be now, because the blog tackles what Boston College is all about: Bros. The blog features a dictionary you’re bound to find fascinating and the boys can tell you all about the beauty behind a two-dollar bill. What more do you need, beyond a pack of Natty Light? 

Emerson College Fashion Society — For another fashion forward look at Emerson, the College’s Fashion Society has put together a blog that’s been acknowledged as one of the “50 Best Fashion Blogs for College Students” by Accredited Online Colleges. Technically called “The Lion, the Stitch and the Wardrobe” — tying in the school’s ferocious mascot — the blog features everything from tips on how to wear an oversized sweater to “Spring Picks from Etsy.”

The Quad — Boston University’s independent online magazine is wildly entertaining, even for those who don’t go to BU. I’ve already expressed my love for the BU TweetCreep, a humorous, weekly roundup of what’s being talked about by the student groups and organizations on Boston University’s campus, but the rest of the content is just as fun. Just check out Evan Caughey’s weekly comics if you disagree.

Harvard FML — Brought to you by the student-run Harvard Voice, Harvard FML is exactly what you might imagine: A blog full of “F-My-Life” moments. Students can submit their own FML, and a few of the funniest gems get put on the site. For anyone who’s ever felt inadequate hanging so close to the Ivy League Institute, just read a few of the submissions, and you’ll instantly feel better.

What did we miss? What are some of your favorite college-related blogs in Boston?