Back in January Cambridge based Localytics released a study stating that 26% of mobile apps downloaded are used just once. Being an iPhone wielding citizen myself, these numbers made complete sense and show the importance of first impressions. To pinpoint the data, Localytics used its real time app analytics service, identifying the first time each customer used an app and whether or not there was any follow-on usage through January 26, 2011.

Today, Localytics released an additional study stating that 26% of users actually become loyal power users. For all new customers of an app between July and September 2010, Localytics counted the number of times customers used the same app through early March 2011. They analyzed app usage data from thousands of Android, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry and Windows Phone 7 apps all of whom subscribed to the Localytics service. The results show a clear distinction between loyal users and one-off downloads.

Aside from the additional one-off download, there appears to be a large opportunity for app developers to increase their engagement with the 48% of users who are unsure of the app. About half the people who download your app are just waiting to be told whether they like it or not.