Somewhere between the 20-page papers, case studies, outlines and all-nighters, the city’s college students have magically found the time to blog. Sure, it might be through a Red Bull, latte-fueled haze, but what they’re producing is quality content — or at least it is from these eight students.

From food to entrepreneurship, the students below are covering it all. Admittedly, some of said “students” are actually newly minted alumni. But they shouldn’t miss out on the fun just because they graduated within the last month, right? Now here are some blogs you can actually learn something from.

Relentless — Northeastern senior Drew D’Agostino writes, “My goal with this particular blog is to bring together a community of people who are relentlessly motivated to create things.” D’Agostino’s currently in Cameroon, Africa, where he’s working with Jola Venture to launch a brand new product that would help rural farmers bring 100 percent of their food to market with better preservation technology. He’s been chronocling his trip, along with any other thoughts on business and technology.

What Emily Cooks — After studying marketing and economics and working for a Fortune 500 company, Emily Olson decided to leave that life behind for one full of food. She recently received her Master’s degree in gastronomy from Boston University, and is a chef instructor at the Boston Center for Adult Education. What’s there not to love about Maple Granola and Rosemary + Lemon + Olive Cookies (above)?

John Capecelatro — With a focus on letting people know why Boston is awesome, Babson student John Capecelatro has been blogging about the tech/VC world — and sometimes gnocchi. I’d recommend the blog for his most recent post alone, called “A Semester’s Reflection.” Want a piece of his advice? “Be weird.”

Wells Riley — A recent Northeastern graduate, Wells Riley created “Startups, this is how design works,” as his senior thesis. If you haven’t seen it yet, you need to take a look. He lays out the numbers behind the project here.

Student Savor — Student Savor is the product of Boston University student Estefania Souza’s New Year’s resolution to “cook more and eat out less.” From cookies and breads to tofu and salmon, Student Savor can please even the pickiest of taste buds.

@ryandawidjan — Babson student Ryan Dawidjan, co-founder of Startup Babson, offers up advice on how to “get in the game” in Boston and determine the strength of your “network.” The picture of him in a scally cap, though, (right) is also quite the gem.

I Hate The Name Game — Emerson student Maggie Monahan was co-head writer for Emerson’s EVVY Awards this year. Considering she’s an “aspiring humorista,” it’s no idea why. “This is stuff I do and think,” she writes on her blog. Well, what she does and thinks makes me laugh.

Kenneth Cohen — Tufts student and co-founder of Navlit, Kenneth Cohen blogs about entrepreneurship, pivoting…and his baking idol, Joanne Chang of Flour Bakery.