Zucchini Salad via Student Savor

Not only are student entrepreneurs trying to shake up the food and beverage industry, but student bloggers have taken their taste buds to the scene, as well. Whether they’re looking to inspire other students to mix up what they’re dishing out in the dining hall, or they’re scribbling down restaurant reviews on the back of grease-stained napkins, there’s plenty of tips out there to keep you from ordering takeout. Just see for yourself. And if you make something delicious, please remember the BostInno team always love to taste test new recipes.

Student Savor — With a New Year’s resolution of cooking more and eating out less, Boston University student Estefania Souza started her blog, “Student Savor.” She promises to post anything, including cookies, bread, salmon, tofu “and lots and lots of veggies.”

Tasty Tufts — The Tufts Culinary Society was founded to give students the skills they need to live their life “without having to constantly depend on others for food.” They say it themselves: “For some of my fellow students at Tufts, ordering a pizza at 3 a.m. has become as routine as brushing their teeth.” The Culinary Society’s blog, “Tasty Tufts,” is one step toward helping students put down the telephone and pick up a carving knife. Just look at these homemade truffles.

Berry Sundae via BU Foodie

BU Foodie — For anyone at Boston University looking to mix it up in the dining hall, there’s BU Foodie. Reportedly run by student Sheena Lin, the blog’s designed to inspire other students to get creative with their meals. Berry sundae, anyone?

Make Me Tasty — Also out of Boston University is “Make Me Tasty,” started by student Charlotte Parker. The idea of the blog is similar to BU Foodie’s in the sense that it encourages students to take ingredients from the dining hall and mix them together in creative ways. The only difference is that Parker’s been called “BU’s Dining Hall Connoisseur.” By the looks of these waffles filled with cheddar cheese and scallions, there’s no surprise why.

The Pantry Raid — Sienna Mintz is the Emerson College student behind “The Pantry Raid.” She writes on her blog, “Join me on my mission to explore my culinary creativity as I raid the pantries of whatever kitchen I may find myself in. And don’t forget to make a mess.” No better excuse to start a food fight.

Tiny Urban Kitchen — Jennifer Che is an MIT graduate blogging from her “tiny urban condo” in Cambridge. She was winner of the first Project Food Blog competition hosted by Foodbuzz in 2010, as well as a winner of SAVEUR’s Best Food Blog Awards this year. Not only does Che have you covered with recipes, but she writes local restaurant reviews, too.

Image via the Regeneration Farm

Regeneration Farm — The “Regeneration Farm” was developed to document the progress of the organic farming initiatives at Wellesley College. Since 2007, a group of Wellesley students have been working to “create and maintain a productive, ecological and attractive farm throughout the year, and to create awareness of food justice issues in and beyond our community.”

Gastronomy at BU — Although not sponsored by Boston University, “Gastronomy at BU” was designed to serve the community of current and former gastronomy students at the Metropolitan College of Boston University. Through the blog, people can discuss food, share research, post events and announcements or reflect on the overall gastronomy community. The tab “Boston Food,” guides viewers to recommended restaurants and markets in and around the city, separated by neighborhood, and there’s even a category for job sites that post careers in the food industry. Now here’s a blog for the foodie inside all of us.

What Emily Cooks — And one of Boston University’s former gastronomy students started a blog of her own. Emily Olson is a chef instructor at the Boston Center for Adult Education, who left behind her life at a Fortune 500 company for a new life filled with maple granola and tomato focaccia.