All this talk about the MBTA’s budget, how indebted the transportation system is, and what it all means for riders can be confusing.

With so many numbers coming down the tracks, it can be hard to decipher what the fate of public transportation will be.

So, here is a breakdown, in pictures, pointing out the most important things you need to know about the MBTA and what is happening on the back end.

Starting July 1, the MBTA will be raising its fares by an average of 23 percent in order to help close its current fiscal budget gap. They are also hoping to get help from the state in the form of a $51 million bailout.

The chart below amps all of that information out (except the bailout part) while also showing how many riders the T stands to lose with a fare increase next month.

There is a slew of other tidbits about Boston’s subway system, too, like how many employee positions there were at the T in 2011.

The visual interpretation of the T’s money problems, posted by, breaks down the transit agency’s backlog in the chart below titled “MBTA Operations Off Track: headed for Breakdown.”