The New England Venture Capital Association commissioned a recent study of entrepreneurs in the Boston area to learn more about the number of women founders and management team members in venture-backed companies, as well as the perception of what it means to be a woman raising money and building a startup.

The bad news? Our survey found that Boston’s startup community could be far more inclusive to women.

So what can we do? The NEVCA is dedicated to making it explicit that Boston wants to be home to the best women in technology, and we’re starting by sharing this list of 75 women-led startups that are leading the way. We can’t wait to add more.

Update: Here’s our 2015 list of women-led startups in Boston

Women-Led Startups in the Boston Community

  1. Heidi Allstop, Spill Inc.

  2. Erika Angle, Counterpoint Health Solutions (Boston)

  3. Gina Ashe, Redstar Ventures Startup (Boston)

  4. Liza Avramenko, CheckiO (Boston)

  5. Zoe Barry, ZappRX

  6. Sarah Biller, Capital Market Exchange (Cambridge)

  7. Katrine Bosley, Avila Therapeutics (Boston)

  8. Mary-Alice Brady, mosaicHUB (Boston)

  9. Karin Brandt, coUrbanize (Boston)

  10. Nancy Briefs, InfoBionic

  11. Paige Brown and Gisella Borja, Dashbell (Cambridge)

  12. Jan Bruce, meQuilibrium (Newton)

  13. Anna Callahan, Zoomtilt (Boston)

  14. Elisabeth Bentel Carpenter, EverTrue (Boston)

  15. Michelle Darby, Roomzilla (Cambridge)

  16. Tracy Deforge, Burst (Boston)

  17. Monika Desai, Open Runway (Boston)

  18. Michelle Dipp, Ova Science (Boston)

  19. Nina Dudnik, Seeding Labs (Cambridge)

  20. Deborah Dunshire, Envivo (Boston)

  21. Radhika Dutt, Likelii

  22. Jenna Fizel and Mary Huang, Constrvct (Boston)

  23. Meredith Flynn-Ripley, HeyWire (Cambridge)

  24. Jennifer Fremont-Smith, Smarterer (Boston)

  25. Sarah Frisken, 61Solutions

  26. Jane Chen Fulop, Kurb

  27. Martha Gallagher, Advisoradit

  28. Shayne Gilbert, Campseekers (Boston)

  29. Emily Green, Smart Lunches (Boston)

  30. Vanessa Green, FINsix (Boston)

  31. Helen Greiner, CyPhy (Boston)

  32. Laura Hales, Extend Biosciences (Cambridge)

  33. Jacqueline Hampton, Springpad

  34. Windsor Hanger, Stephanie Kaplan, Annie Wang, Her Campus Media (Boston)

  35. Diane Hays, Janet Kosloff, Kathleen Poulos, InCrowd (Cambridge)

  36. Katherine Hays, Vivoom (Cambridge)

  37. Bettina Hein, Pixability (Cambridge)

  38. Sarah Hodges, (Boston)

  39. Lissy Hu, Careport Health (Boston)

  40. Ali Robbins Hyatt and Molly McCarthy, Upward Labs (Cambridge)

  41. Iya Khalil, GNS Healthcare (Cambridge)

  42. Azalea Kim, TrueNorth Healthcare (Boston)

  43. Nataly Kogan, Happier (Boston)

  44. Heather Keith, Strohl Medical (Weymouth)

  45. Kathryn Kosuda, Vaxess Technologies (Allston)

  46. Janet Kraus, Peach Underneath

  47. Susan Landay, Trainers Warehouse (Natick)

  48. Julia LeStage, WeatherMob

  49. Paula Long, DataGravity (Nashua, NH)

  50. Gina Luciano, Delightfully (Cambridge)

  51. Jennifer Lum, Adelphic (Waltham)

  52. Karen Macumber, Lifeables (Boston)

  53. Dulcie Madden, Rest Devices (Boston)

  54. Sheila Marcelo, (Boston)

  55. Beth Marcus, Playrific (North Billerica)

  56. Marilyn Matz, Paradigm4 (Waltham)

  57. Muriel Medard, Code On (Wellesley)

  58. Anne Merrifield, PathoGenetix (Woburn)

  59. Stephanie Newby, Crimson Hexagon (Boston)

  60. Carla Pellicano, Pencil Labs

  61. Jules Pieri, The Grommet (Lexington)

  62. Aubrie Pagano, Bow & Drape (Boston)

  63. Ann Raider, inStream Media

  64. Anna Palmer and Christine Rizk, Fashion Project (Boston)

  65. Polina Raygorodskaya, Wanderu (Boston)

  66. Sheela Sethuraman, CueThink (Boston)

  67. Nadia Shalaby, Arctic Sand (Cambridge)

  68. Rudi Scheiber-Kurtz, Next Stage Solutions (Lexington)

  69. Parul Singh, Gradeable (Cambridge)

  70. Susan Hunt Stevens, Practically Green (Boston)

  71. Terry Swack, Sustainable Minds (Cambridge)

  72. Jacqueline Thong, Ubiqi Health (Boston)

  73. Kate Willet, ViralGains

  74. Yifan Zhang, Gym-Pact

  75. Erica Zidel, Sitting Around (Cambridge)

(In compiling this list, our criteria were that each company featured be venture capital- or angel-backed, pre-exit/IPO. Know an entrepreneur who should be on this list? Please email us at info at newenglandvc dot org.)