Whether construction, sock monkeys, sharks or wearable mosques, a day in the life of the MIT Media Lab is nothing if not unique. But what else can you expect from the place where 6,5000 silkworms were found building a dome in the lobby, or where researchers have developed banana pianos, folding cars and cameras that can shoot one trillion frames per second?

When the Media Lab posted a video on Facebook Monday of Director Joi Ito, my first thoughts were, “Only at MIT.” Because only at MIT would there be a “Joi-Bot.”

The Media Lab is using a new telepresence system created by Double Robotics that “uses a tablet and robot-on-wheels and can be controlled via web or app from anywhere,” according to the Media Lab’s Facebook post. Of course, Ito had to give the technology a test spin, and he can be seen clumsily, albeit impressively, maneuvering around the office.

“We can run, but we can’t hide,” jokes the team in the clip, as Ito waves, making his rounds.

“The range of this is I can go anywhere,” Ito says. “I might fall down the stairs, though.”

Knowing the team at the Media Lab, however, there’s surely an innovative solution on the horizon, as well as “a nice article” allegedly coming out in the Sunday New York Times. Keep your eyes peeled!