As the year comes to a close we’ve asked readers to share their predictions on what 2013 will bring for Boston’s startup scene, and we’ve taken a look back at the venture capital funding trends locally for the past year. But so as to not miss the trees for the forest, we’ve also taken a thorough look back at our coverage of startup financings since January–135 of them by my count, which is no doubt missing more than a few. And, of course, that’s just the ones we chose to write about.

Of those, we at BostInno took a look and selected 25 companies that we’re especially interested to keep an eye on in 2013. Yes, the list is subjective; there’s no way around it. In some cases they’re young startups with solid traction, in others they’re established companies that we think might go public. In some instances they’re just really cool companies we’re pulling for.

Let us know what companies are on your must-watch list for the New Year in the comments. In the meantime, here’s a trip down memory lane: