Ladies, we all have that friend… you know, the girl that is always looking for relationship advice. The one that breaks up and then gets back together with her boyfriend every other weekend despite saying she’s so over it. What you really want to say is, enough already, but you don’t, because you are a good person and you offer support.

So while I realize the makers of this new “Should I Break Up With My Boyfriend?” iPhone App intended to market their idea to woman in relationships, I truly see strong potential market growth in the segment of (usually single) women, who are the best friends to those girls in the aforementioned complicated relationships.  Give that friend the app and maybe, just maybe, you’ll get a reprieve from BFF duty because this app is essentially the BEST best friend.  Not only can “she” be there 24/7 to provide customized advice, monitor and explain the ups and downs, and reference past relationships, but  The App is designed to run a two-week course, recording thoughts and feelings, providing a statistical analysis summarizing behavior and then offering advice on how your friend might want to proceed.

While I personally believe the best soul-searching is done sitting down with your best friend over a bottle glass of tequila wine and a tub of chocolate ice cream, knowing there is an App to take care of these decisions makes me excited for the next break up I have to listen to.  The calories I’ll save alone make it worthwhile!