After 21 months of investigation and trial in the case to determine whether or not former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez is responsible for the killing of Odin Lloyd, the jury finally reached a verdict, determining that he is guilty of murder in the first degree as well as weapons charges. Hernandez, who has been held in jail since his original arrest as a suspect in the June 17, 2013 murder of Lloyd, watched the verdict without notable expression.

Verdict on the charges facing Aaron Hernandez:

First degree murder: Guilty

Unlawful possession of a firearm: Guilty

Unlawful possessions of ammunition: Guilty

Lloyd’s body was found on the morning of June 17 in an industrial park, and the crime scene was quickly packed with investigators. Hernandez was quickly determined as a suspect, considering that he was the only person Lloyd knew in North Attleboro, along with Hernandez’s fiancee, Shayanna Jenkins. He was arrested on June 26, and has been held by authorities since. The trial did not necessarily seem to be going in the direction of the prosecution, who were stymied by the defense and rulings from Judge Susan Garsh on several occasion.

It appeared that there was not a compelling motive (though that was not needed for the jury to reach a guilty verdict), nor was there a credible witness to put Hernandez as the killer. Also, no murder weapon was found. Still, the jury did not feel that they could find reasonable doubt.

Hernandez will also face a second trial, for the alleged drive by shooting in Boston’s South End in 2012.