Adidas unveiled a slew of new basketball jerseys for the high-profile college teams they sponsor who are likely to make it to March Madness. Apparently, they went a little too far with the whole Madness aspect, because Adidas’ new jerseys are absolutely hideous. No, not just “oh, those aren’t for me.” Adidas’ new uniforms take “madness” to a whole new level — some are sleeved, some are highlighter colored, and they all have Zubaz-inspired shorts that could give you vertigo if you stare at them too long. In short, Adidas’ designers need to lay off the LSD.

Without further ado, here are Adidas’ new uniforms for March Madness:

Here are what a few other outlets have to say about these monstrosities:

USA Today, from a piece titled, “Adidas unveils preposterous sleeved college hoops uniforms”:

Animal-striped shorts are the lowlight of the new uniforms six Adidas schools — Baylor, Cincinnati, Kansas, Louisville, Notre Dame and UCLA — will wear this March. Remember Fruit Stripe gum? Whoever designed these uniforms did.

CBSSports, from a piece titled, “Adidas’ latest uniform style is truly next-level hideousness”:

This is a horrible idea come to life, a massive practical joke that some people took way too seriously. Now, our eyes will pay for it. Yes, those are sleeves. Just like Golden State unveiled the concept a couple of weeks back, a few select Adidas schools will be doing the same this March. The “good” news is that these “adizero” outfits will only be worn by the six teams shown above.

Man. It’s got hints of Zubaz, but I’m also getting roving flashbacks to other design styles. The shower curtains of my youth, perhaps?

TwinCities titled their piece “March Ugliness: Adidas unveils unsightly college basketball uniforms”.

BearCatsBlog, from a piece titled, “CINCINNATI’S AWFUL ADIDAS UNIFORMS”:

Look, I know that uniforms are for the players and college basketball players have some of the worst taste on earth. You’ve seen how NBA players dress. There are a lot more college players than NBA players. Maybe I’m just being one of the haterzzzzz but good god, that’s a horrible basketball uniform. Camo is ugly as hell. The jersey and pants look like a grade school basketball team where they were provided the jersey and wore the worst shorts imaginable because all the other shorts in the world ceased to exist.