In this week’s post, Ben Nelson is taking a single-handed approach at reinventing the Ivy League and getting into Harvard is no longer a big deal. We see who got into the country’s top Colleges and how hyper-competitive admissions processes are leaving out many students. Also, how many tech start-ups are using College students as brand ambassadors.

Reinventing the Ivy League  | CNN Money

Ben Nelson is taking on the Ivy Leagues. The entrepreneur is launching a for-profit-online-substitute for an Ivy League education.  Students will be able to take rigorous courses at a fraction of the cost. The Minerva Project is a new-wave of education, but how it will fare against the traditional school remains to be seen.

Why getting into Harvard is no longer an honor | The Washington Post

Jay Matthews, author of “Harvard Schmarvard” discusses the record setting acceptance rate at Harvard this year. 5.9% of those who applied were accepted into the revered Ivy— a rate lower than ever before. Matthews, along with a “Concerned Student,” believe that an acceptance letter to Harvard may not be as honorable as one would think.

Who Got Into the Country’s Top Colleges? | The Daily Beast

The answer does not include the well rounded white girl. With Ivy’s setting record lows for admissions, students are asking the question, “exactly who got in?”  Well schools are “hooked” on hooked-students. Schools are building classes around unique individuals who stand out from the pack.

Hyper-competitive admissions will leave out many students

Art & Smart seem to be the winning tickets to a “thick letter” at USC. The competition is growing fiercer as students are being pushed to attain perfect GPA’s, SAT scores, and be a dedicated member of several extra curricular activities— But, said push may be pushing them out of the accepted student pool.

Big Marketers on Campus

Want to be in the “in crowd?” Forget Queen Bee status- Students are ditching Greek life and Sports Teams to become on-campus CEOs. College Students are honing their marketing and entrepreneurial skills by helping to brand and promote their alma-mater. Not only is this great practice for the next chapter of their life, it is greatly benefiting schools as well.